Why Does Lower Back Pain and Constipation Occur?

By Dr Graeme Teague B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic)

Lower back pain and constipation are often seen together. Once you understand how this happens you will then realize what you must do to make sure both ease quickly but also how to get long term relief. Read on to make sure you understand more on why these occur.

The lower back is comprised of five vertebrae and if you include the sacrum (the wedge shaped bone at the base of your spine) then there are actually six. From the spine exits the nerves, these nerves supply the energy to your muscle sin the lower back and legs so you can move and perform the activities you wish.

However, from the spine also exits nerves that supply energy to the digestive system. The lower spine feeds this supply to the lower bowel. If you don't know, there are in fact two types of nervous systems.

The Two Types Of Nervous Systems

lower back pain and constipation The first is your Skeletal Nervous System which supplies the nerve to the muscles and joints; it deals with both pain and movement. The second is the Autonomic Nervous System which supplies nerve to the organs and stimulates them to become active or to slow down.

Although somewhat independent of each other, if there is interference in the same location both systems can become affected.

This is why when your lower back starts to falter; the skeletal and autonomic systems can both start to fail. You will develop pain in your muscles and joints, but also your bowel may become sluggish and hence constipation develops.

Lower Back Pain and Constipation

The problems don't just stop there either. Once the bowel has become sluggish, pressure also builds in the bowel which can increase the pressure on the spine. The spine is bathed in fluid and if pressure increases in the abdomen this pressure affects your spine.

So you may develop constipation from a lower back issue, but you can also develop lower back pain from a bowel issue. Once you are constipated the lower back will struggle to function correctly.

To add further misery, each muscle in your body has a corresponding muscle that can react if that organ is affected. The Large Intestine which is involved with constipation relates to the Hamstrings and Tensor Fascia Lata which are both pelvic stabilizers.

Lower back pain and constipation can occur easily and once present both can recreate the other. Whether your constipation arose due to the lower back or whether it is due to poor diet, dehydration or any other issue, once present it is involved in the cycle of pain.

The Solution to Both Lower Back Pain and Constipation

There are only ever three steps needed in all health problems. First you identify the cause; second you eliminate the symptoms and finally remove the cause.

The results for lower back pain relief are poor for the mere fact that most techniques only ever deal with the structural issues, and even then most only deal with muscles.

constipation and lower back pain To get lasting lower back pain relief you must remove both the symptoms and the cause! The causes can be muscle joint and even organ related.

The same applies to constipation. Taking laxatives, eating certain foods, using supplements may make you regular. But if you stop using these and you return to a constipated situation then that underlying cause is still present.

And long term constipation can lead to more serious bowel issues as you age.

So no matter what caused your lower back pain and constipation, you need techniques that use a variety of approaches. Which is why in the X-Pain Method we teach structural techniques along with Acupressure to make sure both the structural and organ based causes are eliminated. That way you get lasting lower back pain relief as well as long term constipation relief.

Understanding why lower back pain and constipation occurs helps you to understand the process of removing them long term.


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