The Best Lower Back Pain Relief Tools To Get Relief Fast

Low back pain is the most common form of back pain, yet lower back pain relief fails in 9 out of 10 cases. Why?

Without the right tools, without the right processes, many people get temporary relief at best. Most however, will struggle to find any low back pain relief at all.

Below are some simple tools you can use now to ease pain and more importantly the steps needed to get long term lower back pain relief.

Before we get to the technique to use to ease your pain, you need to know and understand more about your lower back pain and the mistakes people make ... to help ensure you get relief from pain...


Understanding Your Pain

muscle and joint imbalances cause lower back painLower back pain, and that includes sciatica, is only ever caused by two main issues - muscle and joint imbalances.

Yes there are still the issue of trigger points, inflammation, nerve irritation and a few others, but if the muscles and joints are balanced these types of factors never develop. On the flip side too, if you correct the joint and muscle imbalances your body will commonly correct these other elements by itself.

As I said above in most people struggle to relieve lower back pain, in fact the statistics points out that almost 90% of those in pain now will end up with some form of chronic back pain.

One of the main reasons this occurs is that people rely on pain as a signal - to tell you when you use stretches, exercises and techniques to ease pain, and also when to stop using the techniques.

However pain is just a signal saying that the imbalances are severe enough to trigger a pain response. When pain eases it doesn't mean you are back in balance, which is why knowing how to detect imbalances is the one key skill to learn in all back pain relief efforts.

Another common mistake is looking at muscle imbalances as just a muscle being tight or weak, in fact the nerve and blood supply is just as if not more important that the muscles strength or tightness. Using effective lower back pain exercises that covers all these areas is therefore essential.

The same applies to stretching, many people use methods that are slow to relax muscles, create only a temporary relief situation at best, but it is knowing how to use lower back stretches to relieve pain long term that is important.

This is why here at the Back Pain Advisor we encourage you to read all the information about various back pain treaments, use the techniques and especially download our free relief guide teaching you some of these skills ... more on that at the bottom of this page ... but now...


A Simple Way To Relieve Lower Back Pain

There are many simple ways to ease pain. Most people will look to pop a pill, whether it is a medication or an herbal-based remedy. There are creams to rub in, again medical and natural creams.

All of these may offer temporary relief at best.

Are they the most effective way to get lower back pain relief?

In fact they aren't. Medications and creams only work on relieving inflammation and some creams will cause a heating effect. It is well documented that tight muscles and poor joint movement create pain.

Medications and creams will not change these types of processes.

But there are some simple tools you can use that will help with both...

The following technique comes with a word of warning: this will ease pain for most very quickly, but it only helps with low back pain relief temporarily.

lower back pain relief tools to useYou still need to address the causes of your pain, and not just attack a few symptoms.

For now though, this will help with your pain...

All you need is a couple of tennis balls and a sock. If you don't have these you can use your knuckles of your fist.

simple lower back pain relief techniques to helpIf you have tennis balls, place them inside the sock and tie it so the tennis balls don't move. Then place this so that one tennis ball is on one side of your spine and the other tennis ball on the opposite side. You should have your spine in the gap between the tennis balls wrapped in the sock.

Again, if you don't have tennis balls, simply make a fist and place your knuckles of one hand in the muscles just to the side of your spine and the other hand on the opposite side.

You can do this right now while you sit at your computer if you wish.

But rest your body weight against the knuckles or tennis balls, start at the base of your spine, and rest there for a minute or two, or until you feel the area relax. Then simply move up a segment of your spine.

Within a few minutes the muscles relax and you even help with easing some joint movement.

Try it sitting first, even if using the tennis balls. If you find this easy or the pressure not enough to ease tension, then you can do this lower back pain relief technique lying on the floor.

This is a very simple yet effective technique, just one of the many you can use at home safely to help ease your pain. Click the following link to learn more techniques that help with long term lower back pain relief...

Click here for a SIMPLE 3 Step Method That Works!

Please Note: as I said above, this is a great low back pain relief technique, but it is only temporary relief. You may feel like you have solved all your back pain issues, but you haven't. You still need to address the underlying causes of your lower back pain.


Lower Back Pain Relief That Lasts

The only way to make sure you ease pain now and it never returns, is to make sure you follow a simple 3-step process that covers all aspects of your back pain situation.

Lower back pain relief is a simple process, finding a lasting cure is just as simple.

There are only 3 steps to guaranteeing a lasting cure...

The first step is finding the true cause of your pain. This is not how you lift or bend, or even how you carry objects. There are certain imbalances in your spine that allow muscle to tighten, others to weaken and joints to slow in motion.

These imbalances are easy to detect at home. Once you know which imbalance you have, you then know which muscles and joint you must target to get lasting lower back pain relief.

The second step is actually symptom relief. There are many simple techniques such as the one above that can help with low back pain relief.

But there is no "one size fits all" technique, so you may find the above technique doesn't help ease pain as much as it should. If not then you need to use others to ease pain. Your body heals faster when pain free.

Which is important as the final step is removing the imbalances you found in step one. If you are pain free this happens faster.

But if you want lasting lower back pain relief, click the link below to find out more about these 3 steps and how you can become pain free today.


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