Do Mind-Body Techniques Help With Back Pain?

Before we start, you may think that mind-body techniques are some new age fad, that they are all hocus-pocus and if you don't believe you won't see any benefits. Well you couldn't be further from the truth. These techniques have been used for thousands of years, are proven both safe and effective and even are used by the orthodox medicine experts all over the world.

Sure there are skeptics, but they live a sheltered life and will miss the many benefits these techniques have to offer.

What are Mind/Body techniques?

mind body medicine These techniques have the view that your body is influenced by your mind and also your mind is influenced by your body. You know this is true as when you are in pain, you don't feel happy, content or at ease do you?

Pain will affect your moods, there is a physiological link. If you can break or alter this link then you can change your mind set and your pain levels at the same time.

Mind-body techniques basically look at ways to stimulate more than just the site of pain. They look more holistically at all the causes, especially the stress based areas.

What are the actual Mind/Body techniques?

There are numerous techniques, some are new age and do rely on a belief in the technique. The ones listed below are those I recommend and know from personal and professional experience work, and work well.

Meditation - this has been around since day dot. There are many ways to meditate, which is why it is a great technique. You can choose a method that suits you, your time frame and the benefits you seek. You can spend just a few seconds meditating once you know how to calm your mind, or you can spend an hour or more.

Meditation has had numerous studies performed all concluding that it will help with pain relief, sleep patterns, energy levels, your general health ... and those who meditate regularly live longer and happier.

Acupuncture/Acupressure - both of these have the same concept of how your body works. The concept is that you have energy channels running through our body which relate to your various organs. Each channel will also affect certain muscles and areas of your spine, your health, energy and stress levels.

When a blockage forms in these channels, tension builds which will eventually lead into some symptomatic event, including back pain. Both of these techniques use methods to remove the blockages and hence your pain, as well as improving the other functions relating to the channel.

Acupressure in my opinion is best, as you are able to perform this at home and not rely in seeing a practitioner. Again it is the regular application that will give the greatest benefits.

Reflexology - you have reflexes on your hands, feet and ears. These reflexes relate to the areas of your body. When tension occurs in your organs, muscles, joints or elsewhere, these reflexes become tender and congested. Reflexology is the process of rubbing or pressing on these reflexes to release tension.

By releasing tension in the reflexes you also release tension in the areas they relate to. Whether you stimulate the hand, feet or ears, the benefits are the same. Reflexology is great for symptom relief and is a quick tool to use for getting relief fast.

EFT - this is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and uses Acupressure points on your face and trunk. Tapping these points stimulates them and can help actually reprogram your mind and body. One of the less known techniques but very effective for both stress and pain relief.

Reiki, Qigong, Polarity - these are energy based techniques of ancient origin. They help stimulate your vibrational energy. Vibrational energy is the energy your body uses to function, the same as the saying "laughter is the best medicine". When you laugh you raise your vibration energy and feel better.

These techniques use methods to raise the vibration energy and hence allow the channels (meridians) to flow better and to improve your health - in all areas.

Massage - yes, even massage is a mind-body technique as it helps you to relax, drops stress levels and when you massage the body you are also stimulating Acupressure points. The benefits from massage are more than just physical.

Are these all mind over matter?

Change your thoughts and you will change the world - I'm not sure who said that but it is a great saying.

It's also true. What you believe to be true becomes true ... your mind influences how you feel, act and function. This is not a new age concept but a scientific fact.

The area of science called quantum physics has proven you are in fact an energy based system. That changing your energy will change how your body functions. Everything is mind over matter.

Think of the many sugar pills dished out by medics that have had miracle results. This happens because the person believes they will heal ... and they do. The same applies to you and your back pain.

If you believe your pain will ease and disappear, it will occur faster than if you believe it won't. Being open to change, willing to try new techniques will help you heal faster. Add in techniques that work fast on a physical level, and you have the best advantage possible to end your pain.

Mind and body techniques work well, they work even better when used with techniques that are designed to remove the spinal imbalances causing your pain. The principles of Spinal Balancing are to pinpoint the causes of your back pain, then to perform corrective techniques to rebalance your spine. Using mind-body techniques will enhance this process.


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