Natural Pain Relief In A Bottle?

It's a common question I get asked - "Is there a pill or potion I can take for my pain?"

I would love to say no, but in fact there are numerous natural pain relief pills, potions and creams. But don't be fooled into listening to all the hype around them, they are still temporary relief only.

And why not medication?

Sure you can use many different medications to ease pain; all have side-effects which is not ideal. Natural products don't have those side-effects, and hence in my opinion better to use.

What do they actually do?

medicines help pain relief Pain relief is precisely that, just pain relief. The many herbs, homeopathics and other products are used to reduce inflammation, ease muscle spasm, remove bruising and stop stiffness.

Herbals, homeopathics and natural remedies have been used for centuries to help with pain. Modern medicine has its roots in herbalism. They used herbs for many years until they found ways of extracting the "active" ingredient and turning it into a pill.

Which remedies are best?

There is a lot of debate about Homeopathics and whether they are an effective natural pain relief. They have been used since the 1700's and do in fact work well. Herbal based products have been used for centuries also. As to which is best?

Well, it comes down to personal preference. I use Homeopathics in my clinic as they are effective, tasteless, great in creams and safe for all. Some herbs you need to be careful with, as you can react to them, hence I stick to homeopathics.

But the choice is yours. Some will respond best with herbs, others with homeopathy. Try them and see what fits you best.

What ingredients should you look for?

Most creams and potions will use a combination of remedies. The ones to make sure are in the bottle or creams are:

Arnica - the most commonly used as it helps with bruising, soreness and stiffness of muscles and great when you suffer from back pain after exercise, lifting, gardening and other common chores. It remains one of the most commonly used natural pain relief remedies.

Rhus Toxicodendron - is more for inflammation, so good when you have an injury from a fall or if your joints or muscles are inflamed, red and hot.

Magnesia phospherica - this is a cell salt and works well on muscle spasms and cramps. It also work on nerve type pains, so where your back pain is sharp in nature.

Causticum - this is one of the best remedies for back pain and sciatica. It will work best on those with chronic aches and pains, including arthritis.

Others to look out for which are also very effective are:

Bryonia - is very helpful if your back pain gets worse even with the slightest movement, such as by coughing or walking. It is especially useful after injury to your back or with illness that causes back pain.

Calcarea carbonica - is a form of calcium that is found in nature. It will help with your fatigue and it strengthens the bones, helps with back pain and will strengthen weak muscles.

Calcarea phosphoric - is different from calcarea carbonica, it is used more for stiffness and soreness especially for lower back pain or joints in general.

There are some herbals that work well as a tea or cream. The following I've found to be the better of what is around:

Bromelain (pineapple extract) - is a powerful anti-inflammatory (take 2-3 g daily at first, then 1-2 g as the pain eases). Other anti-inflammatories, effective when drunk as teas, are valerian, St. John's wort, and Jamaican dogwood.

Capsaicin cream - is primarily used to relieve pain and itching. When applied to the skin it reduces the neuro-transmitters that send pain signals.

I've decided to try them, what now?

If you decide to use herbs or homeopathics, you can buy many of these from your local health store. Stay clear of the internet (sounds strange coming from someone on the 'net), as you cannot guarantee the quality of the product.

Your local health store will answer your questions, you get to know them if you decide to use them often, and you have someone to go back to if they are not effective. Why?

Not everyone will respond the same, this is why they now use multiple remedies in one bottle or tube of cream. They are trying to cover as many eventualities as possible. By seeing an honest, caring shop owner, who wants you to be a repeat customer, they will do their best to find the right natural pain relief remedy for you. Use their knowledge!

Will natural back pain relief give you all you need?

Remember, no matter what you swallow or put on your skin, they will only work on a symptomatic level. They do not address the muscle and joint imbalances, but they will help eased your pain while you correct the spinal imbalances.

It is the spinal imbalances that allow the tension to develop, which becomes pain. Pain is a signal saying you have spinal imbalances. You can turn off or reduce the pain signal with natural pain relief, but you still must address the underlying cause, the spinal imbalances.

The principles of spinal balancing are to pinpoint the causes of your back pain, then to perform corrective techniques to rebalance your spine. Using natural pain relief or pain creams will enhance this process.

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