Smoking ... Should You Quit?

I am not going to tell you should or shouldn't. If you have reached this web page then you obviously have decided it is time to quit.

I am not a smoker, and have never been one. I have had many clients who were and from their experiences have formed a list of techniques that work. Below are the programs I recommend...

They are all different in the way the help you quit smoking. I have briefly outlined what each is to help you decide which is best for you.

Quit Smoking Today

Overall Rating: (I think NLP works best)

This is an NLP program, Rob Mellor is an expert NLP practitioner. They record a success rate of 99.7% of the smokers managing to Quit Smoking for at least 1 month, with just listening to the recording once!

Successfully 97.2% of the original 5000 have not smoked for over 6 months, since the test started.

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Easy Quit

Overall Rating:

This uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy which helps change the way someone thinks about what they do and why they do it. So it breaks down why you smoke into small easily solvable parts. You then change the "learned" response and teaches you how you can quit smoking ... it actually stops you ever wanting to smoke.

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Successfully Stop Smoking

Overall Rating:

This another psychology based program where you use psychological tactics to completely rewire your thought patterns on smoking. This has a 96% success rate at making you stop smoking. The rewiring of your thought patterns only takes 57 minutes and in just one session 17 out of 18 participants stopped smoking.

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