Quick Relief For Back Pain

It is possible to get quick relief for back pain. In fact you can almost instantly turn off pain signals and stop your pain.

This web page will demonstrate two techniques you can use now to relieve your pain. However...

As always there comes a warning and a responsibility...


Before You Start Easing Pain

It can be very easy to relieve back pain, but relieving your pain is not the only activity you should do.

The biggest mistakes made in all back pain relief are as follows:

Mistake #1 - forgetting to find the cause.

imbalances help with relief of back painPain is created by mostly muscle tightness or what are called trigger points. But these develop due to imbalances in your spine at both a joint and muscle level.

You can ease muscle tension quickly with the techniques below, but unless you remove the imbalances pain will return. These spinal imbalances are the underlying cause of your pain and must be removed to get lasting relief for back pain.

Did you now that detecting your imbalances only takes a few minutes at most. Once you know which imbalance you have you therefore understand the exact muscles you need to target and the joints that need attention.

Without knowing which imbalance you have, it is literally like shooting in the dark.

Sure you can ease some pain, but if the imbalances remain then it becomes harder to remove the pain as time passes.

So detecting the imbalances is the vital element in all relief for back pain and why we teach you this essential skill free of charge. Simply click the link below to ...

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But the next common mistake made is...


Mistake #2 - relying on pain as your only signal.

When pain strikes, you want to ease it as quick as possible, who wouldn't?

But too many people rely on pain as the signal to take action and when pain disappears the signal to stop acting.

Pain is just an alarm signal telling you that your muscles and joints have become out of balance to a point where you need to act. Hence your body sets off an alarm so you take action.

However, when pain disappears it doesn't indicate that the imbalances causing your pain have disappeared. It just means they have reached a lower level, not at a level to trigger pain.

Again this is why it is essential to learn how to detect your imbalances. You can use the detection method to make sure you are in balance as pain eases. If not, keep using your chosen back pain relief program until balance is restored.

So make sure as you use the techniques below that help with your relief for back pain, and that you don't stop when pain eases.


Now that you understand the two main mistakes people make, you will realize that these techniques below are just a part of the process to make sure you get relief for back pain quickly, but that you must use a complete program that removes both the muscle and joint imbalances that are the underlying causes of back pain.

But now...


How To Get Quick Relief For Back Pain

As I said above, most pain is created by muscle tension. Sure the underlying causes are the spinal imbalances, but pain is created by your muscles.

To ease muscle tension most people decide to stretch. However this may ease pain, but it seldom removes pain completely

Trigger points are localized spasms of muscle, which develop over time once your muscle is out of balance. These trigger points have been shown to cause almost 75% of your pain. So removing trigger points is one way to ease pain quickly.

The second way is to use acupressure. There are many forms of acupressure, techniques that require you to just hold certain acu-points on your body and others where you rub or press the points.

The firm pressure type acu-points are more effective for relief for back pain, the holding type acupressure helps to address the underlying imbalances.

The two techniques below demonstrate how to remove trigger points and a simple acupressure technique to ease pain also.

Again ...

These should ease pain quickly, if not it doesn't mean you have a severe back complaint or that techniques to use at home won't help. It just means you need to look at other ways to ease your pain. If you find these don't ease your pain quickly then simply click the link below to find ...

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quadratuc trigger pointsBut for now ...


How To Remove Trigger Points

Below is a video demonstrating how to use a tennis ball to ease trigger points. It is a simple technique but will help reduce the trigger point intensity. But to completely remove trigger points you need to use extra methods to make sure they are eliminated and don't return, more on that below.

The more common trigger points causing lower back pain are located in your Quadratus Lumborum muscle, and for the upper back it is in the Rhomboid muscle.

rhomboid trigger pointTo eliminate the trigger point, all you do is rest your body weight over the tennis ball, move the ball around until you feel the spot. You will know when you hit it, as the spot will be very tender and may also refer pain to the areas that you notice are sore. The spot on the pictures though are the likely locations.

The video below shows a brief demonstration of the technique.



Once you ease trigger points then apply the acupressure to make sure you get quick relief for back pain.


Acupressure To Relieve Back Pain

Again acupressure is applying pressure to points that then reduce tension in the area. Acupressure has been used for many centuries to ease pain of all types. Relief for back pain is achieved easily using acupressure.

pain control pointThere is pain control point on the inside of the knee on the Liver meridian. It is right on the bend of the knee in the depression space between the two bones and right in the middle.

To stimulate the point simply rub or tap the point for 30-40 seconds and pain should reduce. At times you may need to do this for a minute or two depending on the severity of your pain.

But press firmly on the points or tap sharply to make sure you get good stimulation.

Two simple techniques to get relief for back pain, but if you'd like to make sure you get lasting relief for back pain then what next...


How To Make Sure Pain Never Returns.

Relieving back pain can be easy, the two techniques above for most reading this web page will give you quick relief for back pain. For some you will need to look at other techniques that are just as simple and just as quick to get relief.

But if you want to make sure pain never happens again, that your spine remains in balance then you need to use a simple back pain program that teaches you how to remove trigger points completely, teaches you the most effective stretches to return muscles to balance as well as techniques to correct joint imbalances.

If you'd like to get lasting relief for back pain simply click the link below to learn more...


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