How To Relieve Back Pain Quickly

It is simple to relieve back pain quickly, in fact most pain is actually created by your muscles. Being able to reduce tension quickly in your muscles will give you quick relief for back pain. But please remember this...

The biggest mistake made in all back pain relief situations is stopping once pain eases. The technique below is very effective and will help ease your pain. But it is ONLY temporary relief.

To get lasting relief for back pain you must address all the underlying back pain causes or pain will return.

On this web page you will find links for many simple ways to ease pain, so read on to learn a simple technique you can apply now, but make sure you browse through our site so you to can be free of pain.


A Warning First...

Back pain statistics are not great - 80% of adults will suffer with back pain that stops you doing your normal daily activities; 47% of adults are in pain right now; over 75% of all adults who suffer with back pain will end up being chronic pain sufferers as they age.

I don't mean to frighten you with these statistics but they do point out one major mistake made by most...

Symptom relief is JUST symptom relief. It does not address the underlying cause of your pain. To get lasting relief, and to make sure pain is prevented you must address the cause.

pain is just a signal for back painRemember...

Pain is just a signal that the imbalances in your spine have got to the point where your body is giving you a warning. When pain leaves, it simply means that some of the pressure has eased ... not all of the pressure.

This is why it is essential to learn how to detect imbalances in your spine. Then you are able to monitor your progress as pain eases, noticing that the imbalances are changing also. Without knowing how to detect the imbalances, you are left with pain as the only sign things are changing ...

This is why we teach you (at no charge) how to detect imbalances in your spine, simply click the link to learn more...

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But for now ... a simple way to just relieve back pain...


How To Relieve 75% Of Your Pain

As I said, it is easy to relieve back pain. Did you know that 75% of your pain is caused by what is called 'trigger points'? If you are not familiar with this term, go to our web page top learn more on Trigger Points.

But a brief overview - trigger points are small localized spasms of muscle. They develop as muscles tire and tighten from overwork. When you have spinal imbalances, both your muscles and joints are forced to work harder than they should.

With time as this stress increases, trigger points form, and studies have shown they can account for 75% of your pain.


You can remove these trigger points and relieve back pain quickly. Remember, this is a temporary fix, these trigger points will return unless you remove the causes.

how to relieve back pain with trigger point releaseTo release the trigger point is easy...

If you have lower back pain the common trigger points will be in the lower back muscles to the side of your spine. There may be others around your pelvic line in the buttock muscles. But it is the lower back muscles that are a common source of pain.

For the upper back and neck, the trigger points are more in muscles at the base of your neck/upper back - where people love to rub when giving you a shoulder massage. There may be some in your upper back between your shoulder blades that you may need help reaching.

The technique to ease them is the same for both areas. You don’t really need to try to locate them, you know when you are on the spot, as pain will occur and possibly radiate away from the area.

To release a trigger point place pressure on the point, firm enough to feel discomfort and possibly some radiation of pain. You can use a fingertip or thumb, but for most people it is easier to lie on a tennis ball to put pressure on these areas.

Simply move the tennis ball around the area until you feel the discomfort of the trigger point. If the point is more acute, you will get what is called a jump sign - you will actually jump when you apply pressure on the point.

Hold the pressure there for 10-20 seconds and then take a deep breath in and out and relax the pressure. Even after doing this just once you may find the tension in the spot decrease.

You may need to do the process 2 or 3 times to release the trigger point completely and to relieve back pain.

Once you release the trigger point it is best to then stretch the muscle to stimulate the blood supply to the area and to help reduce overall tension.

Here's a brief video to demonstrate the process...



For most people you will have developed numerous trigger points in various muscles, as your muscles have been overworked or stressed. You can locate these using what is called trigger point mapping, as each muscle has a well defined area where trigger points will form.

There are also other simple ways to relieve back pain quickly, simply click the following link to learn the most effective ways to ease your pain...

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More Ways To Ease Pain Quickly

There are many other ways you can relieve back pain, removing trigger points should ease a good portion of your pain, but for some you will need other techniques to help.

With back pain, and especially lower back pain, there are certain muscles, which are more commonly at fault when pain occurs.

As pain occurs mainly when muscles become tight, stretching muscles can help to ease pain further. There are certain rules with stretching too, that if applied can help relax muscles faster than other forms of stretching.

There is also many other techniques and tips you can follow to help.

If you'd like to learn more about how stretching, ice and heat, walking and other factors can help relieve back pain, simply check out the following:

However, as we stated above, symptom relief is just that ... symptom relief.

Most people want to make this a permanent change...


Do You Want To Relieve Back Pain Permanently

Relieving back pain is a simple process, once you work out what works in your particular situation, you can literally turn off the pain signals.

But pain relief only lasts so long until you address the underlying cause. Research has proven that the cause of ALL back pain, including neck pain and sciatica, is due to what is called Spinal Imbalance.

Unless you learn to rebalance your spine, pain will keep repeating.

Correcting the spinal imbalances is actually an easy process though. It doesn't require any special skills, or endless treatment session with a practitioner. People in pain, like yourself can easily return your spine to balance at home ... in just a few minutes.

Yes, a few minutes each day to rebalance your spine. Once back in balance, maintaining a healthy spine is even easier and requires even less time ... and not daily, just once a month or two.

Balancing your spine requires a combination of techniques. Too many programs rely on just muscular based techniques. Muscles are only part of the equation.

To regain the balance you need to live pain free, you must target ALL the areas causing your pain ... muscle balance and joint balance ... and even what is called your healing response time.

But as I said it is an easy process, takes minimal time and helps to relieve back pain quickly, but make sure you remain pain free.

If you'd like to learn more about this process, and the simple steps to follow to relieve back pain now and return your spine to balance, simply click the link below....


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