Get Rid Of That Pain In Your Butt - 12 Tips To Relieve Back Pain

relieve back pain with 12 easy tipsThey say back pain affects almost every adult at some stage. You can relieve back pain whether the pain comes from falls, injuries, stress or overuse. Even if your boss or partner is being a pain in the butt, you can still stop this with these simple tips.

When pain strikes, there are two main issues that tend to cause your actual pain. There are muscle tension issues and joint stiffness.

These are the mechanisms that create your pain, the reason why these develop can relate to both physical and mental based stresses. As always it is best to remove the pain and the cause of it ... or pain will return. So follow the tips below to help relieve back pain now.

Tip #1 - Walk

Walking remains one of the best and easiest solutions for easing back pain. As long as it isn't painful to walk that is...

Take a good 30 minute walk, it helps on many levels also.

If pain has occurred due to stress, then walking also helps clear your head and take a break from the boss, partner or whoever is stressing you out.

Walking helps your muscles move and relax, it does the same with your joints. A gentle rocking motion helps them move better and hence relieve back pain.

So, go for a walk...

Tip #2 - Stretch Before Bed

Did you know that if you stretch, then do any activity the benefit of the stretch is almost nil.

Stretching helps ease muscle tension and improve flexibility, it also will help the blood supply to the muscle.

Pain is caused mainly by tight muscles, so stretching is an ideal way to ease that tension and help with back pain relief.

The best time to stretch is therefore just before you decide to rest, again the ideal time is therefore just before you go to bed. That way you relax the muscle and it stays relaxed while you sleep.

Stretching is still okay during the day, especially a few stretches if you feel pain can help to relieve back pain, but if you want to stop the pain coming back, stretch before you go to bed ... it makes a huge difference.

Tip #3 - Drink More Water

drink water to relieve back painPain dehydrates you ... dehydration causes muscles and joint to function poorly ... most people are dehydrated.

It's a vicious cycle!

Your body is mainly water and having a good supply of water helps it work better. Think of water as the oil in your car, if you have a poor supply the engine (your muscles and joints) will not move freely.

Sipping water throughout the day is best and if you add apple juice into the glass or water bottle it helps absorb even faster. So add ¼ the volume clear apple juice and the remainder water and you'll hydrate faster.

Water helps with inflammation, will relieve back pain, boost energy levels and yes even your brain function.

Tip #4 - Acidity Kills

If your body is more acidic, did you know that you age faster?

You will also have more aches and pains, fatigue, immune and digestive issues and much more.

Acidity levels increase in your body when diets are poor, stress levels increase and even when pain develops.

Changing your body to a more alkaline state will help with back pain relief, but it will also improve your energy levels and overall health.

There are many products you can buy to help achieve a more alkaline state, but you can also change it easily at home.

Squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water and drink this when you wake in the morning. It helps also to flush your liver, which if you've been overloading your body with poor diets, alcohol or even just late nights, this will help give it a boost.

But drink the lemon water a few times in the day and you can help boost your body and relieve back pain.

Tip #5 - Use A Back Pain Relief Program

This is a simple tip for sciatica pain relief, back pain relief and any other type of pain you suffer.

Too many people put off getting help early. If you wait for weeks or longer, the pain will become harder to remove.

But find a program that covers all the bases. Not just symptom relief, but following a simple 3-step plan that finds the cause, helps you relieve back pain quickly and removes the underlying cause.

If you're looking for lasting back pain relief simply click the link.

Tip #6 - Warm Up To Relieve Back Pain

warm up to help back painWhy is it that people will warm up before exercise, but won't warm up for other types of exercise?

Did you know that doing household chores uses the same muscles and joints as going to a gym? Yet you won't spend 4-5 hours in the gym without warming up...

When you garden, do household chores or even if your occupation is more physical ... try warming up before you start and then warming down when you finish.

Just go for a few minute walk, do a few stretches and movements that simulate what activity you are about to do and then start.

It only needs to take a minute or two and you can stop pain before it starts. If you are in pain it helps you from making it worse by doing these activities.

So try warming up for any and all physical activity, it does help.

Tip #7 - Hot & Cold

ice and cold for back pain reliefIf you suddenly find yourself with back pain or sciatica, reach for both a cold pack and a hot water bottle or heat pad.

In the first 48 hours ice is best, but if you alternate the ice with heat you will speed up the results.

Ice will reduce inflammation and helps relieve back pain quickly. Heat will improve the blood flow and help the body remove any toxins in the area.

So place ice on the area for 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes of heat. Repeat this three times, but in the first 48 hours always finish with ice.

After 48 hours have past, if you still have pain finish with heat.

Using heat and cold can help relieve back pain quickly, it is still one of the best remedies to use for back pain and simplest to follow.

Tip #8 - Take A Break

This really sounds good ... simply take a break.

Change what you are doing. Most pain occurs from overload or overstress of the spine. This occurs as you sit too long at your desk, getting stressed from your boss or the workload.

Simply taking a break and doing something else for a few minutes helps to ease tension on your body. Go for a water break, a toilet break or even a chat with a work mate.

By getting out of your chair, you are allowing some of the tension to ease. It helps with the physical stress as well as the mental stresses around you.

If you are in a physical occupation, change is even more important. If you can swap jobs with a work mate it is even more beneficial, but having those short breaks gives your body a rest and a chance for some tension to ease.

Tip #9 - Don't Stand For It

For many people who stand at work then this really helps...

sciatica relief standing on one footIf you stand behind a counter simply place one foot on a book or block of wood. By placing your foot up on an object you change your posture and remove a lot of stress on your lower back.

Stand like this for half an hour and then swap so that the other foot is on the book or block.

If you aren't behind a counter, then do what the police in Britain are known for. Rise up on your toes and down again. This also changes the stresses on your spine and helps keep the blood flowing through your legs too.

But most people who stand for a job, can't sit. So changing the pressures on your spine by doing these types of activities can help relieve back pain before it starts.

Tip #10 - Sometimes Medication Is Needed

Yes although people say avoid medication, there are times when medication is needed. If pain is severe, if you find every movement you make causes pain ... take medication.

Short term use of medication is okay, it is the long term use that is not best.

Anti-inflammatories, pain killers and muscle relaxants are all good to take when needed and will help to relieve back pain. But make sure you still remove the cause.

Even if pain has gone, the underlying problems remain, which need attention.

Too many people stop once pain has gone; they believe that as pan has stopped the problem has gone too.

But it isn't too long before you have back pain once more.

So use medication of you need to - but as part of an overall plan to remove both the symptoms and the cause. This is why following a 3 step plan is best in all sciatica and back pain relief.

Tip #11 - Strengthen Your Core

plank core strengthStrengthening your core is more for prevention that to actually help with back pain relief.

The core muscles help support your spine, for most people the core muscles aren't as strong as they should be.

It is simple to check if the core is strong by doing the Plank exercise. Simply go into a press-up position but with your elbows and forearm flat on the floor. Make sure you keep your back straight and your tummy pulled in for support.

You should be able to hold this position easily for a minute. If you can then you have good core strength, if not then you need to do some work.

Core strength will help with back pain, but is even better for prevention.

Tip #12 - Get A Lasting Solution

This final tip is somewhat obvious...

There is no point getting back pain relief or even sciatica relief, if the pain returns in the next days or weeks. Too many people stop any form of therapy or self help once pain eases.

Pain is only a signal that the underlying issues have got to the point where you need to slow down and take action. When pain eases it doesn't mean those underlying issues have miraculously disappeared.

Once you can check your imbalances and see that they no longer exist, then you can ease up on any program.

A lasting back pain relief solution occurs when you follow a simple program that removes both the symptoms and the cause ... AND teaches you how to detect for imbalance so you can monitor your healthy spine long term.

There is only one such program and you can read more about it below by clicking the link. It's simple to relieve back pain, you just need a program that works...


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