Simple Sciatic Nerve Treatment

The sciatic nerve is irritated in sciatica, obvious I know, but most therapies and self help programs fail to address sciatic nerve treatment fully. You are taught to stretch muscles, strengthen others and if you're lucky a few joints to balance.

However, the sciatic nerve itself can also be tight. This doesn't mean the nerve can go into spasm. Nerves are a fibrous tissue so will not tighten or weaken as such, but they can come restricted in their movement. There's a video below showing you how to stop and prevent this...

sciatic nerve treatmentWhen you move the nerve your sciatic nerve needs to move too. Nerves exit the spine, run down the lower spine to your pelvis, through or next to the Piriformis muscle and then down the leg...

It is like having a piece of rope tied to your spine and to your foot. If you bend, lift your leg, twist then that rope has to move too.

To allow for this movement the nerve runs through a track that should have no restriction. At times you can get restrictions along this path or the nerve has small adhesions to the local tissues.

So for sciatica pain relief you must include techniques to help the nerve to move freely along its path. This is why you must follow ...


3 Steps To Lasting Sciatica Pain Relief

There are 3 steps to get lasting sciatic nerve pain relief. They are obvious but the problem is the most people make a few mistakes. I'll outline those below, but the steps are:

Step #1 - Find the Cause

This is the imbalance present in your spine. It is the imbalances that are the true underlying cause, the final activity you perform, such as the lifting, bending, carrying objects, is the last act that creates pain.

The reason why these activities cause pain is that there are imbalances that cause muscle and joints to perform poorly. With time they tire and pain develops. Click the link at the bottom of this page to work out your imbalances free of charge.

Step #2 - Remove Pain

Yes pain relief is the second step; your body will heal the underlying causes quicker and faster if you are pain free. This is why it is best to learn simple and effective ways to stop pain fast ... without medication ... so you have the tools to use when you need it most.

Click here for a SIMPLE 3 Step Method That Works!

Step #3 - Remove the Cause

This is where you rebalance your spine, remove trigger points and train your spine to become and stay healthy. A few simple techniques taking a few minutes each day for a few weeks. Long term a few minutes each month to maintain a healthy spine.

So these are the simple steps to follow but most people make a few mistakes...

Many forget to use step one and jump into exercises or programs without knowing what to target. Many people stop once pain eases, and never remove the underlying causes completely, which means pain will return.

With sciatic nerve treatment most fail to use one technique to make sure the nerve moves freely and isn't restricted. The one technique I feel everyone should know no matter what program they decide to use.

So here it is...


A Simple Sciatic Nerve Exercise

This is called a neural stretch and if the nerve is restricted you find that performing this exercise, you will feel some discomfort. So change the intensity or level of leg movement so suit.

As you keep doing this you'll find you can stretch the nerve more and more.

The video below demonstrates what to do, but basically sit over a table with your legs dangling. Then bring your head forward and swing your leg up until you feel the nerve pull, hold for a second and swing the leg back down as you swing up the opposite leg.

Then repeat this with your head leaning back.

Keep doing this for a minute or two.

Make sure your back is hunched also as this helps to tighten the nerve...



As I said, this is an essential technique to use for sciatica pain relief. If you are looking to treat yourself at home with various techniques then this must be incorporated into your routine.

If you are looking for a program that covers all these techniques, rebalances your spine, removes trigger points and teaches you the most effective way to become pain fee, then simply click the link below...


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