Sciatic Pain Relief

For those of you who suffer with sciatica, sciatic pain relief may have eluded you. It is common for people to suffer for years without finding relief. This web page will teach you a simple technique that will help ease your pain, also at the bottom is a link where you can learn to permanently erase your sciatica.

But first what can you do now?

To understand why this tool works you first should understand why sciatica occurs. It is a complex process that has an easy fix.

What is Sciatica?

nerve causing sciatica The sciatic nerve is formed from the lower 5 nerve roots exiting your spine; it then forms a trunk of nerve that runs through your buttock region where it is commonly irritated. The irritation occurs as the nerve runs either next to or through the Piriformis muscle. If the Piriformis muscle tightens (which is common with pelvic imbalances) then the nerve becomes irritated and sciatic pain develops.

The problem is you can have more than one site of irritation. You can have a few joints in your lower spine not moving correctly, a few muscles in your lower spine being out of balance, your pelvis being out of balance and the Piriformis being tightened.

All of these can occur or just a single one for sciatica to occurs.

Sciatic pain relief is therefore a complex process where you need to make sure each of these components is rebalanced. The only way to get long lasting relief is to make sure these areas remain balanced, but you can also get quick relief by turning off the pain signal, which is what the technique below will help you do.

Please remember, this may bring you relief (if it doesn't then it means you have a few of these imbalances above occurring that need correcting), but it is only temporary relief. You still need to make sure you remove all the issues causing your pain.

A Simple Tool For Sciatic Relief

acu point for sciatic relief Acupressure has been used for thousands of years for many types of pain conditions. There are even techniques that can be used to have surgery without anesthesia. It is a powerful technique that can literally turn off the pain signals.

The technique below is a common one used for sciatica.

It stimulates a point on the Bladder Meridian which helps to stop pain travelling down the leg. You can rub both sides if you wish but concentrate on the side that has the pain.

With Acupressure use firm pressure to rub the point, using a knuckle of your index finger is easiest to apply the pressure. Rub for about 10 seconds and then relax, then repeat it 3 times. You can do this often in the day if you like to help ease pain.

The point is called Bladder #50 and is where the skin folds at the base of your buttock. It is in the midline and it may be tender to rub at times.

But this will help you to ease your pain now while you find a long term solution for your sciatica.

Please remember, sciatic pain relief is only a temporary measure. Even if you find this technique removes your pain completely you still need to rebalance your spine and pelvis to make sure you become and remain pain free long term.

Click the link below to discover how to get long term sciatic relief...


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