Which Sciatica Exercises Work Best To Ease Pain

When sciatica strikes, the first things most people do is stretch or use certain sciatica exercises. There is a problem ...

Stretches and exercises have been shown to be poor in easing pain quickly. In fact there are certain stretches and exercises for sciatica that will cause more harm than good.

This web page will show you the best sciatica exercises and stretches to use now, to not only ease pain quickly, but to give you lasting relief.


Sciatica Exercises - what not to do

One of the biggest mistakes people make is jumping right in and doing some stretch or exercise. You are applauded for taking action and doing something about your pain, but this is not the first step.

Before you attempt sciatica stretches or exercises, you first need to know what and where to target.

sciatica exercises, sciatica reliefWhy?

Sciatica is actually a symptom and not a condition. Hence there is more than one cause of your pain.

The sciatic nerve can be irritated in your lower back where the nerve is formed from the five lower joints.

Irritation can occur as the nerve travels through your buttock where it can run either through or next to one of the muscles there. Or the nerve may simply be inflamed due to irritation from other causes.

Either way unless you know exactly what is causing your pain, you could end up causing more pain by performing certain sciatica exercises.


Before You Start

So the first place is finding the cause of your pain. There is a simple detection method that will indicate what type of imbalance you have.

Your pelvis is commonly out of balance, which allows the joints in your spine to tighten, muscles to lose strength and go into spasm, as well as allow inflammation to develop as a protective mechanism.

Detecting the imbalance allows you to target the right set of muscles and joints to ease pain. By looking at your pelvis in a mirror, by testing the flexibility of certain muscles it is very easy to work out these imbalances.

In fact if you want the quickest and simplest way to detect these imbalances, simply click here ... detecting spinal imbalances.

Once you know what to target the next is knowing which exercises for sciatica are best.


Sciatica Exercises - what to use first.

Exercise includes techniques to both improve strength, flexibility and to reduce tension in muscles.

There are certain sciatica exercises that are best to use.

Strength for example doesn't mean lifting weights. You need functional strength not raw power in a muscle. Functional strength comes from first improving the nerve and blood supply to the muscle.

This has two effects; it will improve the functional strength, but will also reduce tension in the muscle. Why?

As a muscle loses its' nerve or blood supply it will tire. As a muscles tires it will tighten, which is a physiological response to muscle tiredness.

There are certain reflexes that will help to improve the supply. One of the common muscles that create sciatica is your Hip flexors. The Hip flexors help to keep the curve in your lower spine and if these muscles are out of balance, the lower joints will struggle to function correctly.

sciatica exercises, exercises for sciaticaThe hip flexor is also one of the main muscles that keep the pelvis balanced. If your Hip Flexors is weak or tight, sciatica can develop easily. So stimulating the nerve and blood supply to this muscle is best.

To stimulate the reflex you need to rub it in a circular motion for 20-30 seconds. There are two main reflexes for it, one is above and out from the belly button. Simply rub around this area to stimulate the reflex.

If it feels tender to rub, then it is a sign that the reflex is active and needs stimulation. If not then still rub it, but there will be other reflexes that need help.

Here's a brief video to help demonstrate how to rub these reflex points...



But the hip flexors are not the only muscle you should target with exercises for sciatica. Click the link below to learn...

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Exercises for Sciatica - strength and flexibility

Reducing muscle tension, improving flexibility and strength is essential for sciatica relief. The best sciatica exercises are those that incorporate all of these at one time.

It is possible to both reduce tension in a muscle and build its strength at the same time.

Did you know that flexibility struggles to improve if you stretch during the day?

Yes it is not just what to stretch that is important.

Knowing the best technique to use, and the time to use your sciatica exercises that are in fact more important.

The what to exercise is simple...

The Hip flexors, Hamstrings, Piriformis, Adductors and Quadratus lumborum are the most important muscles to target. There may be others in some instances, but these are the most likely to be causing your pain.

The imbalances you detect will indicate which specific ones you should target. For example the Hip Flexors and Hamstrings work in opposites ... like a push me - pull you effect.

If you use exercises that target the wrong muscle combinations, you can in fact create more tension. The same with the type of stretch or exercise you use.

Certain sciatica exercises will reduce tension in the muscle and build its strength at the same time. Using these will not only save you valuable time doing your sciatica exercises, but will speed up your sciatica relief.

Here's a simple tip that most don't know about...


Sciatica Relief Works Best When ...

The time of day you try to reduce tension is important.

Stretching, improving the blood and nerve supply and even exercises for sciatica are trying to do one thing. That is to relax the muscle and reduce its tension.

If you achieve this and then use the muscle immediately the effect will disappear. So stretching for example and then using the muscle will negate the effect of the stretch ... especially the flexibility aspect.

exercises in bed for sciatcaIf you stretch before bed, hop into bed and then relax the muscles, the muscle remains relaxed for longer.

By doing this you are training the muscle to reduce tension for longer, you are resting the muscle also, hence the blood and nerve supply is demanded less and the muscle recovers and heals faster.

Studies have shown that if you use sciatica exercises before bed, especially certain types of stretches, sciatica relief can improve up to 16 times faster.

Sciatica exercises are used all the time to gain relief from sciatica. But most people make a few mistakes...

You stretch and exercise without knowing what to target. You use less effective sciatica exercises and you don't know when or how to use the techniques ideally.

This is why we teach a comprehensive system that incorporates the most effective sciatica exercises and techniques for quick and easy sciatica relief. Click the link below to learn more...


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