Sciatica Home Treatment Tools To Use Now

Trying to use sciatica home treatment methods is not always easy. They may appear almost impossible to perform, seem confusing and you're not sure if you are doing it right.

After all, you don't want to make your sciatic nerve pain worse...

This web page will help guide you through some simple techniques, ones you can use now to help with your sciatica home treatment.

We need to recap before we start, understanding exactly what is causing your sciatica is the key to making sure you get permanent sciatica relief.


What is Sciatica

To explain briefly, sciatica is actually a symptom of lower back pain and not a condition by itself.

The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back, formed by the lower joints in your spine. From there it travels into the pelvis and runs either directly through or next to, one of the muscles in your buttock.

From there the nerve runs down your leg to your foot.

Sciatica can occur when the nerve is irritated in any of these areas. For most rather than having a major issue in one area, you have a few minor issues in different places.

For example, you may have a few joints in your lower spine not moving 100%, a muscle or two in your low back and pelvis that are right and some minor inflammation around the nerve.

Combined this can cause pain that is felt from your low back to your toes, yet the causes are all minor.

Disc injuries, stenosis and joint slippage (spondylolithesis) are all less common causes of sciatica. It is the above that is more likely to occur.

So to use sciatica home treatment, all you need to do is address each of these areas.

Here's a breif video showing why sciatica occurs from muscle tightness relating to the Piriformis muscle.



Sciatica Home Treatment - the breakdown

The first step in any sciatica home treatment, is to find the cause. You must identify which areas are at fault so you can target the areas that need fixing.

sciatica home treatment, home treatment for sciatica

This detection is simple, as when muscles and joints start to become out of balance, they will cause a distortion pattern in the pelvis. You can see this simply by looking in a mirror and noting a difference in pelvic height.

In fact there is a simple detection method we teach (free of charge) which you can view now... it will help you understand where your pain is coming from and how easy you can remove your pain. Simply click the following link...

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Once you know which areas are at fault then there are simple techniques you can use at home to ease each one.

Muscle imbalance is a common cause of sciatica pain, as the Piriformis muscle is the muscle that has the nerve running through it or next to it.

If this muscle is tight, then the nerve is squeezed and sciatic nerve pain develops. But it is not just the Piriformis that is at fault in your muscular system.

Muscles are commonly tight, but they can also be out of balance. This means the nerve and blood supply to the muscle is not functioning ideally. When muscles lose their nutritional supply, they will tire and hence tighten.

Correcting these at home is just a matter of stretching the muscle to ease tension, and rubbing a few reflexes that stimulate the nerve and blood supply, and then some specific sciatica exercises to build strength.

home treatment for sciatica, sciatica reliefThese reflexes are easy to find, and at times can be tender to rub. The tenderness indicates that these reflexes need stimulating. One reflex that is commonly tender is the hip flexor reflex.

Your hip flexors help keep the curve in your lower back, if these muscles tighten the curve increases which places strain on the lower back joints and can cause pelvic imbalance leading to sciatica.

The reflex is on your stomach about an inch up and out from your belly button. There is a corresponding reflex on your back in the same place. To stimulate the reflex simply rub firmly in a circular motion.

If tender the tenderness will commonly ease after a 30-40 rub. If not try rubbing in the opposite direction.

Here's a breief video demonstrating how to rub these reflexes...



If you want to find out the best ways to remove all the causes of your sciatica, use a simple sciatica home treatment plan, click the following link.

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Stretching for Sciatica Relief

Stretching is commonly used, yet commonly misused in sciatica relief. Sciatica home treatment should include stretching, but it is not what you stretch that is important.

Knowing how to stretch effectively is essential. The common form of stretching where you place the muscle under tension and hold the position for a minute or two is both out dated and poor at getting quick results.

There are stretches called PNF (proprioceptive-neuro-faciltiation) that are far more effective at reducing muscle tension, but also helping stimulate the strength of the muscle.

In fact all you need is 6 second per muscle stretch to effective reduce tension. This saves time and pain, as this type of stretch has been shown to reduce your sciatic nerve pain faster than the standard stretching methods. More on these stretches below.

But it is easy to assess each muscle to work out which are tight and stretch these with the PNF stretches. But it is more than muscles that cause your sciatica. Joint motion is just as important, but...


How To Get Joints Moving Like A Well Oiled Machine

For most sciatica home treatment revolves around a few stretches and then some tips of exercises or how you sleep. Correcting the movement of your joints is not discussed, as many believe this is the area of seeing a practitioner.

To get joints moving, you don't need to make them go click or pop. All you need to do is stimulate movement in the joint so that it relaxes, reduces tension at both a joint and muscle level.

These types of techniques are more suited for home treatment of sciatica. They are safe and effective, easy to perform and once moving you can keep them moving by simply going for a walk.

Joint movement is a key element in sciatica relief, because if joints tighten the muscle sin the area will try to protect the joint. As a result the muscles tighten and pain returns.

home treatment for sciatica, sciatica reliefThe reason why so many treatments for sciatica fail is that we only remove part of the cause. If all you do is correct the muscle imbalances, with time they will return as the joint tightness will recreate these imbalances.

Even just going for a long walk now can help joints to move easier. Nothing fast, just a nice stroll around your neighborhood can help to ease them back into motion and help relieve your pain.

Walking has many benefits - it will help your joint motion, muscles are forced to contract and relax and hence tension reduces, blood supply is improved which helps with both the muscle tension and help in the elimination of inflammation.

If your sciatica has only just begun, removing inflammation can be the quickest way to ease pain.


Home Treatment for Sciatica - Inflammation Removal

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can develop when the nerve is squeezed at either a joint level or as the nerve runs through the muscle in the pelvis.

Reducing inflammation in the early stages will not only help the pain, but helps stop the reactive changes in the muscles.

Muscles will commonly tighten to protect an area, reduce the inflammation, get joints moving and commonly the muscles will relax by themselves.

To reduce inflammation, you can take medication or herbal remedies. But using ice is still the most effective and quickest way to reduce swelling as part of sciatica home treatment plans.

Place ice on the tender area for ten minutes, then rest for ten minutes. Repeat three times so that you have ice on the area for a total of 30 minutes.

You want to use an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas or corn, so it molds to the area. Wrapping it is a wet cloth will also help the cold penetrate to the areas that you want to target.

Use ice often in the first 48 hours, as this will reduce inflammation. After 48 hours you are then best to use a combination of ice and heat, where rather than resting, use heat. So that you have ice-heat-ice-heat-ice-heat finishing with heat will help stimulate the blood flow and ease muscle tension and remove the toxins from the area.


3 Steps For Sciatica Relief

Many people make the mistake when pain eases ... to stop.

sciatica home treatmentPain is just like a fire alarm...

A fire alarm is triggered once the smoke and flames have reached a certain level. When the fire alarm has been turned off, it doesn't mean the fire is extinguished.

The same with sciatica relief...

Pain is the last thing to arrive and the first thing to disappear.

Just because pain eases, it doesn't mean all the causes have vanished. You need to follow a simple 3-step plan for sciatica home treatment. The 3 steps are necessary to make sure all the issues are resolved.

But failing to cover all three steps is likely to mean your sciatic nerve pain will return. Best of all home treatment for sciatica is easy...

All three steps can be completed at home, in just a few minutes, using a combination of stretches, muscle stimulation, joint balancing and improving your healing ability naturally ... without medication, supplements or any gym type exercise.

Sciatica home treatment is easy and simple, if you wish to read more about this simple 3-step program, just click the following link.


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