The Best Sciatica Stretches To Ease Pain

When you suffer with sciatica, using sciatica stretches to ease pain is great. However many people find pain eases minimally...


Unless you know the 3 rules that apply to stretching you will find you may be stretching the wrong areas, or using stretches for sciatica wrongly.

Read on to discover these 3rules and how to apply them and also a video demonstrating the best stretches to use for your sciatica.

Firstly ...

You need to know these 3 rules if you plan to ease your pain and make sure you stay pain free.

The 3 Rules of Sciatica Stretches

imbalances in spineThere are 3 simple rules that apply to all stretching methods, not just sciatica stretches. If you apply these rules you will find your muscles that are the causes of sciatica, ease in tension quickly and you can keep these relaxed also.

There is however a word of warning...

Muscle imbalances are only part of the cause of your pain; there are still joint imbalances that need to be addressed to make sure you remove ALL the causes of sciatica.

Combined these muscle and joint imbalances are called spinal imbalances. There are four common imbalances that can create pain. These relate to the first rule of stretching ...


Rule #1 - Knowing Which Muscles To Stretch

Most people jump into stretching to help ease pain. You may have pain in one leg and hence you stretch the muscles relating to that area. However spinal imbalances causing a distortion through the spine and pelvis, and where the pain is may not be the area causing your pain.

This is the most common reason why people give up stretching as they stretch ... ease the pain slightly ... then pain returns.

You repeat this cycle and eventually give up as you can't get long-term results. The reason is most likely you are stretching the wrong areas.

This is why it is VITAL to learn to detect the imbalances in your spine. Then you know exactly which sciatica stretches to use.

This is also why we teach you how to detect your imbalances free of charge, this is the only ESSENTIAL skill in sciatica pain relief.

If you'd like to learn how to detect your imbalances, simply click the following link ...

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So knowing what to stretch is important, the most common muscles stretched in sciatica are your Piriformis muscle, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors and Erector Spinae. However there are others that need addressing to make sure you restore your muscle balance.

You also need to make sure you stretch the correct side, or you may be increasing the imbalances present.

But once you know what to stretch the next rule is...


Rule #2 - Knowing How To Stretch

Most people use the standard sciatica stretches that require you to place the muscle under tension, and then hold this position for a few minutes.

Knowing how to use sciatica stretchesIf you plan to stretch 5 or 6 muscles you may end up stretching for over half an hour, then still need to use other techniques to ease pain also.

Again ...

This is common reason why people give up on self-help techniques as not many can spare an hour every day to try to ease pain. You want results but life is busy...

But if you stretch in certain ways you can stretch a muscle in literally 6 seconds...

There are certain ways of stretching called PNF that take less time to stretch and create a faster and longer lasting relaxation effect on the muscle.

It relies on the natural rebound effect causes by tensing a muscle. Basically you stretch as you usually do but then contract the muscle for 6 seconds and then relax. This causes the muscles to relax quickly.

There is a process and few simple rules attached to this method, but it remains the most effective sciatica stretching method.

Combine this with knowing the correct muscles to stretch and your initially daily sciatica stretches need only take a few minutes to correct all muscle imbalances and you can get lasting sciatica pain relief.

Even faster if you apply the 3rd rule...


Rule #3 - Knowing When To Stretch

Understanding the best time to use sciatica stretches is key, it helps to understand why certain times are better to stretch if you know what stretches are doing.

When you stretch you are tying to get the muscle to relax...

stretch before bedIf you therefore stretch and muscle and then use it, the effect of the stretch disappears.

So to make sure the muscle stays relaxed for longer you need to stretch effectively followed by a period of rest.

So the best time to use sciatica stretches is therefore just prior to bed.

You stretch as in rule 2, and then jump straight into bed and go to sleep. That way as you sleep your muscles stay relaxed so that the tension eases overnight and you wake in the morning with muscles in a more relaxed state.

Three simple rules that apply to sciatica stretches and all stretching methods...


Stretches For Sciatica That You Must Use

Even though these rules apply, there are a couple of stretches you must use. They need to be performed on the side of pain you currently have.

Again these two stretches for sciatica are essential, they relate to the two main elements that are causing your pain.

Does this mean you can stretch these and all your pain will disappear?

Possibly so...

But the relief will be temporary as these tow stretches for sciatica are vital, but they only target the areas causing your pain. They do no fix the underlying causes of sciatica, which you must address if you wish to have long-term relief.

Also these two techniques may help, but if they don't help ease pain you need to look at other methods to relieve sciatica. Click the link below for ...

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But the two sciatica stretches you must use are:

Piriformis Stretch - the Piriformis muscle is deep in your buttocks, behind your Gluteal muscles. The sciatic nerve runs either through this muscle or directly next to it.

When Spinal Imbalances occur, your pelvis twists and if this twisting is great enough, the Piriformis muscle will tighten. As it tightens it squeezes the sciatic nerve and causes your sciatic pain.

So stretching this muscle will help to ease pain, but again for long term relief you need to remove the twisting caused by the spinal imbalances.

The video below will demonstrate how to stretch the Piriformis. This is one stretch, but there other ways you can stretch the muscle if you find this difficult...



Muscles are part of the issue with sciatica. You can also get nerve entrapment...

Most people believe this is due to disc involvement, but in fact disc issues only ever are present in less than 5% of sciatica cases (and most of these settled quickly with conservative treatment or self help techniques).

Most entrapment occurs from adhesions to the nerve. When sciatica occurs you tend to move less. Nerves sit inside a track; the nerve stretches as you move so it needs to move inside this track. When you become less active sometimes adhesions occur which fix the nerve in place.

There as you move, bend, or twist or even if you try to use certain sciatica exercises ... you can get the shooting pain.

To free the nerve once more, you need to perform a stretch few people ever use, which is one of the reasons why long term relief for sciatica is poor.

So, you need to perform a ...

Neural Stretch - this is a dynamic stretch that helps to break any adhesions to the nerve. As your perform this you may get small shocks down the nerve, so moderate the intensity and frequency you use this sciatica stretch.

Also if you use these stretches along with methods to eliminate the spinal imbalances you will be able to perform this easily and gain get the nerve moving freely inside it track.

The video below demonstrates this sciatica stretch...



These two stretches are essential to use in ALL sciatica cases.

But as I said, these should only be used as part of an overall approach to your sciatica relief.

All back pain relief programs must use a simple process...

Find the cause ... Relieve Pain ... Fix the Underlying Cause.

Follow this process and you will ease pain quickly but you will also remain pain free for many years to come.

If you pan to use sciatica stretches, then make sure you incorporate other techniques to remove all the causes. If you'd like to learn more about the is process and the simple ways you can become pain free, then simply click the link below...


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