Can Spinal Balancing Help Eliminate YOUR Pain

When you have any type of back or neck pain, pain relief is your first thought. This is also why so many treatments fail to get long term results. They fail to do things in the right sequence.

It's like shooting in the dark - they use the fire-aim-ready sequence rather than the proper ready-aim-fire. Their goal is to stop pain (which is admirable) but they do not address the cause and hence pain will return.

Your symptoms are only ever a signal, just like a fire alarm. They are telling you that enough is enough, your spine is out of balance and needs attention. If all you do is turn off the alarm signal by using a few symptom based techniques, then the underlying problem will increase.

What causes your back or neck pain?

Although most people automatically name the object they lifted, the time they bent over or lifted incorrectly, or even the prolonged postures they spent at their desk, as the cause, this is not the true cause.

Research has proven that all back pain (apart from those big falls or injuries) is the result of many micro-injuries over time. These micro-injuries are from the activities such as your bending, lifting, carrying and prolonged postures.

These micro-injuries place tension on your muscles and joints, which then pull your spine out of alignment causing spinal imbalances. These spinal imbalances will increase with time, as you continue on with your daily life, until one day you lift, carry, bend or sit too long and back pain occurs.

No matter where your pain is, spinal imbalances are the cause, and if these imbalances develop further then pain will radiate and you then develop conditions such as sciatica.

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Is this a muscular problem?

Although muscles are a vital part of spinal imbalances, they are not the only cause. Joints also can slow in motion or will tighten due to the ligaments and small muscles that support the joint.

Most techniques will have you stretch or exercise to relieve back pain. Stretches and exercises, whether they are the generic type or specific exercises designed for you, work on the larger group of muscles - your hamstrings, hip flexors, abdominals and others.

But your spine has small intrinsic muscles that help support your spinal joints. These muscles will not be stretched by using these standard stretches. The ligaments which can also tighten or slacken will also be neglected with these types of techniques.

Spinal balancing aims to change the larger muscles which will pull your spine out of balance, along with the small intrinsic muscles and ligaments that cause joint imbalances.

What is Spinal Balancing?

Spinal balancing is an innovative approach to eliminating back pain once and for all, starting with a careful yet simple assessment of your muscles that affect the balance of your hips, pelvis, and spine. There are three simple tests which use muscle flexibility and postural clues which are easily seen.

Your visual posture will reinforce the physical muscle tests, which confirms the imbalance. Once you can see the changes and note them with the muscle tests you then know that spinal imbalances are present. Detection is the first and essential step.

Unless you know exactly where these imbalances are, you may very well spend months stretching or exercising the wrong muscles, causing more problems than you started with.

Once you have assessed your spine for imbalances, you will know what and where to target to get quick relief, but to remove the underlying cause of your pain.

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How Spinal Balancing Works

Spinal balancing is the process of systematically removing both the symptoms and the cause of your pain. Everyone wants to be free of pain as fast as possible. You could take medication, supplements or use other symptom based techniques, but they will only ever give temporary relief and mask the underlying cause.

From the assessments you will have determined which imbalances you have. You are then taken through a specific set of techniques that will stretch and strengthen your muscles and rebalance the joints. Finally, you are taught the simplest way to improve your recovery times and ways to make sure you stay pain free.

This may sound like a complicated process, but you only need a few minutes each day to rebalance your spine. However this is not a miracle cure, you still need to put in some time and effort over the next few weeks to see significant change. No different to an investment, a small amount of time and effort now for incredible gains over the next weeks, months years and decades.

Before you decide that Spinal Balancing is right for you, understand that removing back pain comes down to you. You must decide if now is the right time to become free of pain, that you want the cause and symptoms eliminated. Temporary fixes are precisely that - temporary.

Spinal balancing is the only technique that removes both muscle and joint imbalances. Your spine will return to balance and full function, allowing you to return to the activities you enjoy most.


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