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If you are tired of suffering from back pain or sciatica and are fed up with all of the worthless treatments that don't work, you really must get a free copy of one of our back pain relief guide. But don't take our word for it, read and listen to the testimonials from some of the people that are now pain free thanks to the Back Pain Advisor and our X-Pain Method...

Please Note: Due to be a practicing health care professional, emails and some last names have been removed for privacy reasons. We also do not use photos, once again to keep my clients details as confidential as possible. All testimonials are accurate and unsolicited and are used with the permission of my clients.

Check Out These Amazing Success Stories...

"...within 2 mins the pain was only minor"

I was in severe pain for the last 2 days and researching my symptoms over the net I discovered my condition is most probably sciatica (I have also made an appointment with a doctor but I cant get in straight away).

I tried one of your stretching techniques and this helped my pain ease 10 fold instantly! I could hardly walk or change from a sitting or standing position and within 2 mins the pain was only minor.

I just wanted to thank you for making your expertise in this field so easily accessible to look up and inform people and making my life bearable until I can see a doctor.


back pain went away in 7 day

My back pain went away in 7 days using just the preliminary method. Once in a while it comes back but not too severe but I can get it to go away almost right away using your methods.

Walter Hayashida
Montebello, United States

"It was a God send"

Hello Dr. Teague,

I had to write and tell you how much these exercises have helped me.

For years, and I mean YEARS I suffered with back pain that I thought was something I had to live with because I was told my back had deformities in it.

I spent thousands of dollars with the doctor just to get only temporary relief. I never knew I could help manage the pain myself until I read your book.

It was a God send. Now I do the exercises and and the pain is gone. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of being pain free.

Gratefully yours, Nancy L.

"...the first time in several years I have not had pain..."

Your X-Pain Method book has been really helpful. For the first time in several years I have not had pain in my upper and lower back for several weeks now. I have not been able to try all the techniques, but I have done the essential ones and they have really helped.

Thanks you!

Ignacio Villalobos
Brantford, Canada

"...really does work on a whole lot more then just back pain..."

Hi Dr Teague,

I want to thank you for all the care and concern you extend to all through your program. It is a wealth of information that really does work on a whole lot more then just back pain. I look forward to your future works and being completley back and shoulder pain free without surgery or drugs very soon. You have given me hope back that God does answer prayers!

God Bless
Scott E Giorgio
Orlando, United States

"...someone that actually cares..."

Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply. It's hard to know when there is so much info on the internet. I really appreciate you getting back to me and so quickly.

Thank you so much Graeme. I will get busy and read more of the information as I did print it all out.

Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Kind regards,
Bruce Duncan

"X-Pain method is much better and more helpful than what I've got from a so-called "Pain-Medicine" doctor"

The advice that I've got from your X-Pain method is much better and more helpful than what I've got from a so-called "Pain-Medicine" doctor. After conducting all kind of tests on me, he said that I've got a "pinched nerve",which now I know is a term used by most therapists to stop any further questions from a patient, exactly as what mentioned in page 11 of your X-Pain Method ebook.

Other than providing a mythic term to explain my lower back pain, the advice that I've got from him is far less than what I've got from you eBook, thanks!

George Ta
Matawan, United States

"I wish you were here..."

Dr Teague you are great, you always answer my emails in detail very quickly...I read your e-book over and over and always learn something new that I missed....

The neck exercises and points seem to be helping my neck issue...I wish you were here...

Thanks for what you do!

Arizona, USA

"There is no pain"

Within a couple of days of trying these exercises, most of my sciatica pain was gone. Now several weeks later there is no pain and no problem playing football again.

Cheers Graeme

Kevin Doherty

"Your technique is the first one that has really helped!"


Thanks for the tips! I just wanted to take a minute to say how much your techniques have helped me. I have a had a problem with L5 for the last 20 years and have made many visits to chiropractors, as well as specialists and of course bought lots of books and tried many things. Your technique is the first one that has really helped!

I got results the very first time I used it. Unfortunately my nature is that once I feel good again I just don't make the time to use the techniques regularly and of course the pain starts to reappear. But, a couple of sessions of your techniques and I am good as new. I am going to really try to use these everyday to achieve permanent lasting results.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a huge benefit this has been for me.

P.S. I found your short videos particularly helpful in learning the techniques.

Thank you!
Larry Carr
Salt Lake City, United States

"...can't believe that it made such a difference, but it did."

I can't believe that it made such a difference but it did.

It's amazing that your body knows how to readjust itself if you just prop it in the right way.

Thanks so much. This will be a life-long method for me.

Arizona, USA

"...blown away...feel so much younger and fitter..."

Graeme, I just wanted to send you an email to say a big THANK YOU! I have suffered from lower back pain for years.

As a builder it is probably the most common and annoying pain we suffer from. I have guys on my sites that continually complain of back pain.

I showed them a couple of techniques from your book and they were blown away. Their backs felt better, and especially more loose. I told them it would work, because I feel the same. Every morning now I asked the guys if they feel okay.

They all feel so much younger and fitter without their annoying aches and pains. It has even made them work faster - so I canít thank you enough.

Brent Walker
Christchurch, New Zealand

" pain is almost gone completely...only a week...I feel incredible."

The X-Pain Method is the most powerful yet simple way to stop my back pain.

For years I have continually suffered from upper back and low back pain. I sit at a desk all day and by the end I am so wound up from the pain, I feel like I need a drink.

With the simple techniques you gave me, and adding in those little gems of advice, my pain is almost gone completely.

It is only a week since I've been doing them, but I feel incredible.

Even my kids have seen changes as they now actually can give me a cuddle at the end of the working day without me yelling at them. I can only say a big thank you for your help.

And also thanks for replying to my question quickly. It really helped me give things an extra kick.

Once again thank you Graeme, I really am excited about things to come.

Samantha Paul

"I had tried everything else...I have never found anything out there with this much information that actually have changed my life."

I had tried everything else and thought: what's one more thing.

This e-book is the real deal.

The information is invaluable to anyone suffering from back pain or any other physical problems. It goes to the root of problem and you can do this in your own home at your own pace.

I have never found anything out there with this much information that actually works!

The cost of the e-book is also less than it should be!

Buy with confidence.

This doctor really knows the human body, but he also cares and will take the time to email you.

Thank you, Dr Graeme Teague. You have changed my life!

Terri Bracken
Ohio, USA

"...impressed by the various techniques that you have incorporated into the system"

Hi Graeme:

Thanks for the reply. Really good to see your dedication and service.

I am impressed by the various techniques that you have incorporated into the system. Being an Indian, seeing the Mudra was interesting.

I started my first session yesterday with the quick start and added some acupressure techniques. I have already seen my body relaxing and pain subsiding. I cannot imaging the benefits I can have in the long term.

Thanks much,


"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it!"

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it! ... eliminated a pain in my lower right back that had been nagging me for months. None of those other quick-fix or exercise methods did any good.

Terry Marshall
United States

"Your advice...really works for those in need."

Thank you very much for helping me get rid of my back pain on your e-course.

After completing your e-course I realised that my back pain happened for one of the reasons you have mentioned - muscle imbalance.

The reason for this was that from 2002-2005 I was a martial arts student. Unfortunately I got a job which I often do sitting and which made me stop my sport.

The only thing I'm doing now as sport is riding my bicycle to my work place.

After reading your advice, I realised that my bicycle and sitting down in my job brought on the muscle imbalance that caused my problem.

I will keep using your really works for those in need.

Chuol Nyak Tongyik Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"...I've well and truly had my money's worth, and probably saved on a consult with a physio."

Thank you for your marvelous material on The X-Pain Method.

I downloaded your info on Sunday evening and slept soundly without any pain all night and since. However I tend to get pain in the afternoon, especially after a bit of sitting. I'm spending more time at present just absorbing the information.

I'm beginning to realise that I haven't really given much time to preventative exercise.

And at about $30 Australian, (and this was only the X-Pain Method 1.0) I've well and truly had my money's worth, and probably saved on a consult with a physio.

I enjoyed all your information and must get reading some more. I appreciated how you didn't rule out surgery etc for those who need it.

Chris Castle
Alice Springs, Northern Territory

"...I wish you were here..."

Dr Teague you are great, you always answer my emails in detail very quickly...I read your e-book over and over and always learn something new that I missed...

The neck exercises and points seem to be helping my neck issue...

I wish you were here...

Thanks for what you do! Brenda
Arizona, U.S.A

"...used the headache sequence technique and IT WORKED."

Dear Graeme,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I'm a 60 year old massage therapist in AZ, USA.

... WOW, so much info, I love it!!! Also have been waking up with headaches a few times a month, this morning I used the headache sequence technique and IT WORKED. OK, I'm impressed and am looking forward to using more of your methods and helping some of my clients with their back pain.

Thanks again, namaste,
Jan Dowling
Dewey, AZ

"...If only more doctors were service driven rather than money driven."

Dr. Teague: I have really profited from your book. It is the only solution that allows me to address muscle and back pain in my own home at my convenience. Your methods are practical and effective.

Thank you for teaching people to adjust lifestyle and deal with the aging of these bodies without drugs. That alone is therapeutic.

In addition, I'm very grateful that you are not just in this for the money. If only more doctors were service driven rather than money driven.

Thank you so much.
Cecelia Fisher
Garland, TX

"...helped make my neck a lot more flexible"

Hi Graeme:

Thank you for your book. It has helped make my neck a lot more flexible. I have also helped a lot of my clients ( I am a nutritionist and Pilates Instructor) with your PNF stretching method. Sure you can use my comments

Madhuri Ruia

"...seen benefits from using only the basic exercises..."

I have found the exercises very easy to follow, and have seen benefits from using only the basic exercises in the quick start.

I have found the X-Pain Method interesting as it contains advise and methods I have not seen before, despite researching the various options for self-help treatment.

Adrian Archer,
Birmingham, United Kingdom

"...your book very easy to read and follow..."


First off, thank you again. Now on your book - I have found your book very easy to read and follow. I like the layout, it is easy for me to follow and find things. I think you have done really good work. It is direct and straight to the point.

Thank you again!


"Very helpful in relieving my back pain!"

The X-pain Book and its recommended exercises was very helpful in relieving my back pain.....not only did it help relieve the pain but it was very informative about the real causes of back pain......thanks graeme

Los Angeles, United States

"...a lot of "back pain" doctors would be out of work!"

If Dr Graeme Teague books would be released worldwide, a lot of "back pain" doctors would be out of work! Many thanks to Dr Graeme Teague for helping me out with my back pain woes.

Zev Saftlas
Brooklyn, United States

"... find myself relatively pain free"

Hi Graeme,

I have been following the X-Pain Method for several weeks now and find myself relatively pain free. I am still experiencing some tension in the problem area but this is much better than it was previously.

Thankyou for making this information available.


Dom Hilbrink Australia

"I have to say you have probably changed my life"

Hi Graeme,

I was talking to my wife about giving you feedback this weekend - but you have saved me the trouble of tracking down your email address.

Well, I have to say you have probably changed my life. About 4 weeks ago I was out walking the dog with my wife when my hip began to hurt a bit, over the next day or so it spread to my lower back - just a dull pain at first , the intensity came and went. I thought at first it would be like my previous bouts where after a day or so and a couple of exercises it would go away. But the agony was beginning to increase and this time was very different after the third week I woke up one morning unable to move and in great pain - and I thought I would have to go to hospital. I called the doctor and fortunately he came to see me and prescribed Voltarin? A inflamation drug plus a vallium a relaxant drug. As I was lying in bed, I decided to browse the internet looking for the cause to see what else I could do - that is when I came across your site.

I especially liked the confident way you described your technique and the "holistic" approach and so decided to purchase your book and whilst in bed began your introductory exercises. On the night of the second day I was able to stand up, and walk but still had a little pain. I then rigourously followed the exercise regime and around 5 days later I was pain free. I can't tell you how much confidence I have gotten back, since starting your exercises. I was petriefied that I would never feel good again.

So I just want to say thanks.

Alex p.s. I have passed your link onto some friends at work as well.

"...have not had any more low back pain"

I have been doing the exercises and have not had any more low back pain. This is much better than taking Celebrex which has questionable side effects.

Peggy McNabb USA

"I consider myself lucky to have found Dr. Teague"

I have been following Dr. Teagueís routine now for approximately 16 weeks. As I stated in our early conversations, I have been suffering with severe chronic back pain for approximately 5 years; have had several injections of Demerol, Morphine and spinal injectionsónone "really" taking away the pain and none giving the needed relief for a quality of life. I have been taking a daily dose of morphine, pain blockers and muscle relaxants for over a year as well as "quick release" morphine for what my doctors here call "break through pain". Since working with Dr. Teague's X-Pain Method, I have managed to cut my dose of continuous release morphine in half and, where I needed several mg's of "quick release" daily prior to the X-Pain program, I now need very little to none on most days. That to me is success!!

My hope/my goal is still to be pain free/morphine free. I look forward to whatever he can provide me that will take me closer to being pain free.

I consider myself lucky to have found Dr. Teague and very much appreciate the X-Pain and X-Stress materials. I found the exercises to be easy to follow as well and liked the fact that no expensive equipment was required to participate in the program. I very much appreciate the support and quick replies Dr. Teague provides. Thank You Dr. Teague.

Myrna Manitoba, Canada

"...feel great"

Seems unbelievably simple, feel great. It's the best health treatment I have ever had.
Dave Denton

Christchurch, New Zealand

"Thanks Doc - Xpain rocks!"

I have been suffering with, at times, quite severe lower back and neck pain since i damaged it way back in '84.

Ever since then I've relied heavily on osteopaths, physiotherapists and most recently chiropracters.

I have to say, I have been very happy with my latest chriropracter - he's the best i've ever had - but the big problem for me is that I travel a lot and often to places in third world countries where there simply aren't any capable people to help when i overdo things.

Many a time I've had to cut short a paragliding trip because i couldn't "get my back cracked". I stumbled across Greame Teague's site one day when browsing the web and decided to try the XPain method.

This truly is money well spent. Greame explodes and exposes the many myths and "insider secrets" regarding Chriropractic treatment. I still occasionally visit my Chiropractor here but only for severe problems which, i have to say, occur less and less these days after adopting the simple practices set out in the method.

And when I travel these days I feel more confident about being able to control my back problems and using Graeme's methods as a maintenence routine. Now I never travel anywhere without tennis balls and training shoes!! Thanks Doc - Xpain rocks!

Chris Sowerby Oman


Hello Dr. Teague,

Your book has been the best thing that has ever happened to me with respect to my back. It gave me control back into my life; in many ways it gave me my life back. The structural damage in my back is too severe that surgery is required but I continue to do the exercises and acupressure which both I believe keeps lower the meds I need to take for pain. I particularly like the acupressure and like that I can do it anywhere, any time. I will definitely continue acupressure immediately after my surgery to speed recovery and will begin the exercises as soon as I can. They will both continue to be a part of my life. GREAT BOOK, GREAT ADVICE, GREAT HELP. Thank you Dr. Teague.

Manitoba, Canada
(a second ongoing success story)

"...your techniques were invaluable"


Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your hard work in putting together all of your comprehensive material. I bought your ebook, and I must say that it is extremely informative. I was suffering for weeks with sciatica and I was about to go bonkers when I search the net and found you.

I put the info to work immediately and and I am very happy to say that I am, for the most, totally part pain free for the last two weeks. Still a little stiff at times in the hip area after sitting down for a length of time, but...I am back to working out along with other activities, and I am happy.

At 50 years old, even though I was in very good shape, I injured myself thinking I was 30, and an injury of this nature can be very scary when it last for weeks on end with little or no relief.

Thank you, your techniques were invaluable, and I will continue to learn more of your techniques until I become a resident expert so-to-speak, and get to the point where I can be pain free for the rest of my life. Thanks again mate!

Dan Spychalski

"Thanks for putting your e-book out there for the world to see."

YES, I have read through your book, and have used the exercises (very similiar to those my physical therapist has me doing) - so that made me feel very confident that you had something special. I've also used the pressure points and the reflexology, and along with the exercises I can now say I am finally pain free.

Thanks for putting your e-book out there for the world to see. Sincerely,

Diane Thompson
Pleasanton, California, USA

"...just those 3 first exercises have made a huge difference"

Hi Dr Graeme,

Im busy at work at the mo but will definitley write back to you asap as your book (ive only read the first quick quick start section) has massively helped me. In short, I can honestly say that my USUAL daily pain has been more than halved (at least). I havent even read the main book yet, just those 3 first exercises have made a huge difference. Im about to go on holiday where I plan to work my way through the whole thing.

I will also email you regarding my specific concern as I have on particular area in the mid back that is constant pain

thank you
and I will email you soon

"...thank you for all your excellent help and support"

Hello I just started using the X-Pain Method along with the stress factor or known as calm mind.I haven't had much time to use the X-Pain method,but had more time to try calm mind has some good methods to help relieve stress,and back relief.

The guys who has this has answered my questions very quickly.He also has sent me emails about methods to relief back pain,ans also get very wonderful bonus's that are well worth the price.This doctor gives you the truth about back pain stress relief which I don't see from many doctor's nowadays.So thank you for all your excellent help and support,and all the wonderful bonus's and gift you have given throgh this program.

Bryan Mcgonigal
Hyde, United States

"immediate pain relief exercises were very effective."

Generally very successful. I had two herniated neck discs and was in more pain than I've ever known. The simple techniques introduced in the book took next to no time to perform, and the immediate pain relief exercises were very effective.

My neck pain is almost gone.

Ian Duncan
Tokyo, Japan

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