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Chiropractor and Natural Health Practitioner reveals 3 step system 100% GUARANTEED to

"Get Rid of Your Nagging Back Pain in Just 7 Days or Less!"

The Secret To Get Long Lasting Back Pain Relief


ATTENTION: Individuals who've begged doctors, chiropractors and practitioners to get RELIEF from back or neck pain….but still can't lie flat, can't sit up straight, can't sleep at night…

… Are about to discover a proven, practical 3 step treatment for permanent back pain relief WITHOUT creams, heating pads and painkillers.

Finally, you can sit down, stand up, or ride a bike like a "normal" adult when you take advantage of these secrets you won't find anywhere else.



Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

What was the last thing you did that caused your back pain or neck pain?

Do you remember?

Maybe it was the way you lifted, bent over or twisted...

These may be the last actions that triggered your pain, but they are not the cause. I know that may sound hard to believe now, but I'll explain in just a second.

I know how frustrated, upset and even DISGUSTED you may be right now.

Because doctors, chiropractors and practitioners have promised solutions to end your back and neck pain

But with each painful step you take… you're still asking yourself questions:

  • "When is this back pain EVER going to go away?"
  • "Why is my back STILL killing me… it's been months!?"
  • "What can I do to make the pain stop… and why can't the doctor help me?"

According to scientific research, your pain was NOT caused
by that last, "final activity" you took.

Scientific studies show the exact opposite. That your final straw was a result of ACCUMULATED pains. In other words, your radiating, shooting back pain — that you can't seem to get rid of — is the inevitable result of accumulated "micro-injuries."

You wouldn't normally notice them. These are small, almost unnoticeable traumas that occur from all the bending, lifting, and other daily tasks like poor posture at work. These micro-injuries accumulate over months ... or even years… until WHAM! You feel a deep, severe pain as if someone hit you with a sledgehammer.

In a minute, I'll show you proven, effective methods to eliminate your pain — make it evaporate out of your body — return your body to its normal state of strength and flexibility… and FINALLY put your back problems behind you. In this letter, I'll show you a simple 3 step system that's 100% guaranteed to give you these back-correcting results in no time at all.

Hi, my name is Graeme Teague. I've been in private practice since 1991. (In a REAL office with a REAL staff) Since then, I've helped thousands of people who've suffered in silent misery for months and years with horrible pain.

Most have tried everything from bed-rest to Tylenol, but have found little success, even after spending money to visit practitioners.

The reason 99 out of 100 back-pain relief methods
don't work is because...

They don't address the cause of your pain. Remember how I said the micro-injuries accumulate over months... BEFORE they start causing you pain? I want to make sure you understand this, because you'll NEVER get the pain relief you need until you do.

Let me give you a quick discovery channel explanation of how your back works. These micro-injuries create tension in your muscles and joints. As the tension increases, the muscles pull on your spine causing various distortion patterns (spinal imbalances).

Now, as you go through your daily routine — you pile on more and more micro-injuries and the spinal imbalances get bigger and bigger. Your spine twists and distorts more and more.

This causes your spine to lose both strength and flexibility. These daily, weekly monthly and spinal imbalances continue until... one day you bend over to lift your child, push in a chair, or perform some other "normal" daily task ... and SNAP! It's over!

Isn't that how it happened? It's like injury after injury piling on top of each other, until one last energy BREAKS everything!

Now you feel you've been stabbed in the back and can't move an inch!

It is these silent, deadly imbalances are the cause of your pain, as your spine cannot support normal function.

Even disc injuries are commonly reported as occurring for no apparent reason. If the compression stresses on your spine from these imbalances increase enough, even disc bulges, herniations and ruptures can develop... all starting from these small daily stresses placed on your muscles and joints.

These same imbalances can increase pressure on your spine and then lead to the early signs of degeneration ... even though you may notice no pain at all. Again the cause is not that final act, but the many imbalances in your muscles and joints that accumulated over time.

This is why it is common for people to stretch for months to ease pain, only to find that once your forget to stretch or decide to stop stretching ... pain returns quickly.

To get long term relief you must target both
the muscular AND joint imbalances...

The only VITAL step in back pain relief is finding the cause! Relying on pain as the only indicator will lead you to a life of back problems. Pain occurs after the imbalances arrive, not before. Being able to detect these patterns early is the best way to safeguard against future problems.

There are four main distortion patterns that occur. The easiest way to assess which pattern you have is by testing the flexibility in your muscles. Certain muscles when tight will pull on your pelvis and create the twisting type distortions.

In my studies and work as a licensed chiropractor, I've revealed 3 simple ways to detect these imbalances. Knowing which distortion pattern you have gives you the first step in long lasting back pain relief. Don't worry if it sounds technical or complicated, it's easy as reading a newspaper.

I'll reveal them to you here in this letter. Doctors and practitioners will tell you "Oh, just take a painkiller." Or they may say "Oh, just take a few months of bed rest".

But here's what they Don't Tell You About Relieving
Your Back & Neck Pain

There is a further hidden cause of ALL pain types, which most people are never told about.

Research shows, your pain is caused by the accumulation of muscle and joint imbalances over time. But why does your body not rebalance naturally?

If you rest, have a massage, seek help from a practitioner or use a self-help product, why does pain keep repeating or fail to ease fully?

The answer lies in how your body works naturally. And this is the most important thing you may learn today.

Every activity and every function in your body is based on habit.

Just look at all the habits you do each day. Good and Bad. From the side of bed you get out of in the morning to how well organs function — everything is based on habit.

The same applies to back and neck pain. The muscle and joint imbalances develop over time and hence become habitual. The longer they remain, the more ingrained they become. Until eventually… your body believes it's NORMAL.

And it stops trying to heal.

Your body will no longer try to remove these imbalances, the same way you've permanently adjusted to sleeping on one side of the bed. The imbalances (that are responsible for 99% of your pain) will continue, until you are properly taught how to break these "habits".

Did you now that in all acute situations your body's natural ability to heal will kick into action quickly?

This is why you fight coughs and colds easily, and even those acute flare-ups of pain will decline quickly. But you are left with that ongoing, chronic, repetitive, nagging pain. This is due to the habitual nature of your body and the recurring imbalances.

Long lasting relief will only occur if you address the muscle and joint imbalances, break the habits ... and form new improved habits. Once your muscles and joints are back into balance, these new habits must develop and be reinforced. This helps to explain ...

Why Do So Many Treatments Fail?

You've probably tried to stretch or exercise, but found that the exercises you were given were not specific enough to help. These are the generic stretches and exercises everyone is given no matter where their pain is ... no wonder they don't help.

Generic stretches and exercises fail as they simply don't target the areas causing your pain. They also never teach you the essential steps of how, when or what to stretch and strengthen.

You will need to stretch and strengthen to remove your pain ... but you must know the best exercises for your body type and your type of pain. If you don't know this, then you can continue waking up in agony, going to sleep in misery and living your life in back torture.

Remember ... pain occurs last ... and disappears first.

This is why knowing how to detect the distortion patterns is probably the most vital step. You can use these same self assessment methods to monitor your spine ... even when you are pain free. You are then able to watch as the balances returns ... long term you can self assess to make sure the balances remain ... and the new habits have become set.

Making sure you stay in balance is essential if you wish to remain pain free.

Why Has Nobody Taught Me Any Of This?

Most of the professions dealing with back and neck pain focus on called "segmental therapy". For example: chiropractors focus on joints, physical therapy focuses on muscles, and medicine on symptom relief.

Even natural therapies are mainly symptom focused. This is not your practitioner's faults, but a fault with the education behind these professions.

When I was a Chiropractor, my eyes were opened to a new reality. Eventually I began researching the best ways to remove pain. I discovered something that left me speechless.

NOT ONE of these professions had all the answers. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Only a combined approach has been proven to work the segmental approach. That's why I've created…

The 3-Step-System To Get Long Lasting Pain Relief

In order to obtain long lasting relief, you have to start where the problems start ... this means identifying the muscle and joint imbalances first.

Some people at this point become worried the process will become complicated and time consuming. Fortunately, there's is a simple, 5-minutes a day system that helps you remove the causes of your back or neck pain in just 3 easy steps..

These "spinal imbalances" are easily removed using our simple system, you'll learn to improve both muscle strength and flexibility in minimal time without needing to join a gym or spend hours exercising.

Joints are easily balanced using our unique painless and safe methods to untwist and unravel your spine.

What I'm about to tell you next is probably going to be the BEST (or maybe worst) new you've received all day long.

Your pain relief rests squarely on your shoulders.

You're the most motivated to get your spine back to a healthy state ... you need to take charge.

You're the only person who can change the habits by using techniques on a regular basis.

But what do you do… and how do you do it?

Are You Tired Of Struggling with Temporary Relief...
and Ready For a Pain-Free Lifestyle

Well you can and I'm going to help you achieve your goals of being pain free ... I've created a simple 3 step system that anyone can use to find the 'true' causes of their pain and remove them quickly and easily ... it's called the X-Pain Method and…it covers three basic steps:

Detect The Cause

There are 4 distortion patterns that develop as a result of the muscle and joint imbalances. These are very easy to assess as there are 2 primary muscles that throw you out of balance. These two muscles are called primary indicators...

Not everyone will have these primary indicators, which is why there are secondary muscles and postural clues to help confirm the distortion patterns. The 3 simple self assessments tests literally take a couple of minutes to identify exactly which distortion patterns you have.

Once you know the pattern, the next step is performed.

Symptom Relief

Did you know your body will heal faster if pain is not present?

The muscle and joint imbalances allow pain to occur ... this next step gives you the ability to turn off the pain signals so you can focus on correcting the imbalances ... while being pain free.

Even if you only reduce pain, muscles and joints will return into balance quicker... which is your next step.

Remove The Underlying Cause

Pain is your body's way of telling you that the imbalances are great enough to demand your attention.

The underlying cause of ALL back or neck pain is the distortion patterns that occur in your spine - Spinal Imbalances. These are both a muscular and joint imbalances. Which happens first ... the muscle or joint imbalances?

Nobody knows ... what we do know is that you need to correct both to get long term relief. This is why so many stretching and strengthening routines fail to get long lasting results.

Thousands of People Have Used This System To
Get Relief From Back Pain and Improve their Flexibility...

Tens of thousands of people with all types of back and neck pain have found relief with this simple 3 step system. Even those with decades of pain have found relief.

My private practice specializes in treating those people who have not found results elsewhere. I'm affectionately called their "last resort" for help. This is why I dedicated so many years to study and research all the best techniques for pain relief (Western and Eastern) ... to help those who need it most.

This system has been developed and refined over the past 20 years.

It's called the X-Pain Method

Click Here To Order Securely Through Clickbank

It uses the best and quickest ways to eliminate your pain and make sure it never returns. So finally, you can resume living a normal life.

The X-Pain Method is 100% safe, easy to use and follow and most importantly it gets results fast. It addresses all the causes and guides you step-by-step to make sure you succeed at becoming pain free.

You will learn a simple Self-Assessment Method to detect the imbalances causing your pain, which is performed in just a minute or two in your own home.

You are then guided through the Simple 3 Step System, removing your pain and correcting the imbalances that have caused it. Finally you will understand and know the easiest way to Maintain Balance.

You've probably had many doctor visits. You're probably visited many practitioners, used other products and had poor results. But my system includes decades of experience, knowledge and expertise. And I prove it to you with a money back guarantee!

But What About My Doctor… Can't I Get
These Treatments from My Doctor?

Absolutely! This is a quick way to clean out your wallet and leave in more frustration and disappointment. Now, to be fair, your practitioner is probably doing the best he can.

But nothing he tries will help you eliminate your back pain!

Your back pain may get worse. That's because they work with a 'segmental' approach.

Sure you may get temporary relief, but mark your calendar to make several visits over the next year — because you won't have long-term relief. Let me explain 2 reasons why. And maybe this will help you, if you're just skimming this page for the sake of READING.

If all you do is adjust joints and never look at the muscle imbalances, results will be poor. The same applies if you fail to change the joint imbalances. Besides, who has enough money in the back to see a practitioner every other week — to help you change the habits that have developed?

Maybe you don't like Doctors and visited an orthopedic specialist. Of course, they recommended SURGERY to solve your pain problems.

Whether you listen to what I'm saying or not, I can guarantee you — this won't help either.

Here Are The Exact Tools You Will Use To End Your Pain ... Permanently!

Component #1: The X-Pain Method

This 114 page manual guides you through the simple 3-Step-System to get long lasting relief from all pain. The first step is to identify and detect your pattern of distortion. I'll give you an easy 10 minute self-assessment technique to help you detect your distortion pattern.

The second step is to literally "turn off" the pain signals and ease your pain. Once you know which imbalances are present, this becomes easy as screwing in a light bulb. Remember you heal faster when you reduce or eliminate pain.

The third step is to correct your muscle and join imbalances. In just a few short minutes each day, you can use the X-Pain correction techniques to regain the balance and strength your spine needs to maintain it's natural healthy state.

Now you have a proven method to keep your spine in top shape, pain-free, for months and years on end. Best of all, this manual gives you the fastest and easiest way to fix your back problems permanently… AND shows you how to get pain-relief very, very fast!

Component #2 : X-Pain Video Modules:

To make sure you understand each step, you can view (or download) 10 simple videos demonstrating each of the vital steps. You can watch a demonstration of the simplest way to self adjust an individual joint ... to the most effective way to stretch to rebalance your muscles.

These can be watched online or downloaded to be viewed on your PC for those with slower internet speeds.

Component #3 Unlimited "LIFETIME" Support

I highly doubt you'll have trouble following these kindergarten-simple techniques, watching the step-by-step videos, or applying the simple methods I've outlined. But if there's something you don't understand, I'm there for you.

I'll personally make myself available to help you with each of the 3 steps. I've been following this practice for years. I'm not just another doctor, I'm the doctor you know. Whether you're my client over the internet or in my private practice, you have my full attention.

I'm just an email away. Listen to what Bruce Duncan has to say about my level of support:

"Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply."

Wow! Customer service and someone that actually cares enough to reply. It's hard to know when there is so much info on the internet. I really appreciate you getting back to me and so quickly.

Thank you so much Graeme. I will get busy and read more of the information as I did print it all out.

Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Bruce Duncan Vancouver, Canada

What's Included in my X-Pain Kit

The X-Pain Method is a downloadable program which means the savings we make are passed onto you. You'll get the 114 page manual, which you can print off at home (most people only ever print off a few pages). You get all 10 videos which you can view online or download and watch on your PC. Plus...

  • The 114 page X-Pain Method manual
  • 10 Demonstration Videos
  • Unlimited Personal Support ... for LIFE!
  • A weekly plan to guide you to success
  • My Personal Email Address - Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Review of your Self-Assessment - (I'll give you a second opinion, to make sure you're following the right steps)
  • Personal Support, Guidance & Help - when you need it

"Okay… but how much does it cost… I can't afford to
go to the doctor or see a Chiropractor"

If you think that our system is too expensive or if you think you can't afford it, I have to tell you something. As medical professionals, we get paid large amounts of money for our expertise knowledge. Not just from clients, but from insurance companies.

Afterall… we're not talking about a broken window. We're talking about your life… your back… the inability to move… pain that won't go away.

That's why…my private clients pay $300 per hour of consultation. It's just that serious to them. They can't live suffering in pain and agony forever. But after 4 to 6 visits, they're almost completely pain free. At least in most cases. That may seem expensive, but it's worth every penny.

Especially if you're trading a few hundred dollars for months, years of happiness and flexibility that you haven't had in a long while. I bet when you're back is killing you, you probably say "I'd do anything for this pain to go away."

Well now's your chance. But I'm not expecting you to pay $300. Because you can use these methods in the comfort of your own home, and get results in the same timeframe (maybe even less) as long as you follow my instructions step-by-step.

A lot of people "claim" to have solutions. But I'm a certified chriorpractor. This is what I do for a living. So even if I were to charge you $150 for this information - you can be ASSURED that I'm a legally certified doctor with knowledge that is guaranteed to help your situation.

I'd be surprised if there's another doctor who's taken the time to put this material together in a step-by-step, kindergarten simple format. But I'll make it even better.

When you order tonight before midnight, I'll let you have
this entire kit for an extremely low price of just $49.95.

That's it.

You'll spend that much on coffee, cigarettes or junk food over the next month. You have to ask yourself… is being pain free, feeling fitter, healthier and even younger, worth $49.95?

Would a small sacrifice of avoiding these for a few short weeks, in exchange for becoming pain free, be that hard?

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This also includes 1 on 1 help that's normally a $199 yearly fee. But when you order tonight, you'll get it absolutely free. Obviously, this is time-consuming and I can't afford to "be there" for everyone.

I'll be launching a new support system soon and before I do, I'd like to get new testimonials from satisfied clients like you. So if you're interested in having clinically certified help — available at your fingertips — I urge you to take advantage of this offer while it's available.

But even though I'm making myself available, you still may be wondering… "Okay… this is great… and everything looks great… but what if it doesn't work… I mean, what if my back problems don't go away?"

And that's a good question. Fortunately, you can try this program risk free!



Just try the X-Pain Method at my risk. Try it tonight. Download this kit, read the manual, try the techniques. Watch the videos. Begin treating your back pain problems all by yourself within a matter of minutes.

I GUARANTEE your back problems, back pain, back torture will be GONE after using this system. You must get results and relief… or you get a refund.

You should see results within the first few weeks. But even if your back pain "pops up" again — 364 days from now — I will still give you a full, prompt refund.

That's the level of quality and personal attention you get with my program. You'll never have to worry about back-pain ever again. Email me so I can guide you as you need it ... but you have a full year to try the system and still get a refund if you're not satisfied ... no questions asked!

I want you to feel safe and free of any worry about trying our system, which is why we offer such a powerful guarantee. Click Here to order now!

But that's not all...

Order before midnight and you'll also receive the
following FREE gifts worth over $197

FREE Copy of "Trigger Point Release"

This manual teaches you the simplest way to release trigger points, which can create up to 75% of your pain. This is commonly used as a complete system itself and sold separately, and yours to help you ease pain quickly.

FREE Copy of "Back Pain Prevention"

The Back Pain Prevention Manual covers everything and every area you need to improve to make sure you stay fit, strong and healthy.

FREE Copy of "The Quick Start Method"

This will help you understand the essentials about getting a head-start on eliminating your back pain. Over 83% of clients found that their back pain disappeared by using these techniques alone. Start in as little as 5 minutes and over 83% of you will be free of back pain in less than 3 days...

FREE Copy of "5 More AMAZING Bonuses"

Inside you'll also receive 5 more free gifts that will help you to remove your pain quicker and easier ... Emotional Back Pain, Demystifying Back Pain, Mudra and Reflexology, The Practitioner Guide, The Sugar Test and the Headache Guide. I believe in over delivering, which is why when you try our program you get these extra free gifts as way of saying thank you for taking action.


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"...within 2 mins the pain was only minor..."

I was in severe pain for the last 2 days and researching my symptoms over the net I discovered my condition is most probably sciatica (I have also made an appointment with a doctor but I cant get in straight away).

I tried one of your stretching techniques and this helped my pain ease 10 fold instantly! I could hardly walk or change from a sitting or standing position and within 2 mins the pain was only minor.

I just wanted to thank you for making your expertise in this field so easily accessible to look up and inform people and making my life bearable...

Dion, Australia

Yes, I'm ready to order X-Pain Method

" results the very first time."

Thanks for the tips! I just wanted to take a minute to say how much your techniques have helped me. I have a had a problem with L5 for the last 20 years and have made many visits to chiropractors, as well as specialists and of course bought lots of books and tried many things.

Your technique is the first one that has really helped! I got results the very first time I used it.

Larry Carr, Utah, United States


"...If only more doctors were service driven rather than money driven."

Dr. Teague: I have really profited from your book. It is the only solution that allows me to address muscle and back pain in my own home at my convenience. Your methods are practical and effective.

Thank you for teaching people to adjust lifestyle and deal with the aging of these bodies without drugs. That alone is therapeutic.

In addition, I'm very grateful that you are not just in this for the money. If only more doctors were service driven rather than money driven.

Thank you so much.

Cecelia Fisher Garland, Texas, U.S.A

Can YOU Really See Good Results In Just Days?

Most people use our program and see results fast. You'll notice significant relief or even a total reduction in pain within a few short weeks ... for some pain relief can be almost instant.

All you need is the desire (yes ... no willpower) and a simple plan to follow ... the X-Pain Method has been used by thousands of people for almost 20 years and backed by real life success stories. It is the only COMPLETE system that teaches you how to identify the causes of your pain and shows YOU how to remove EVERY cause (not just muscles).

You will learn with our system how to remove your pain, but more importantly how to maintain a healthy spine easily.

Plus, if you ever need to consult with a doctor, Chiropractor or Physical Therapist, you'll know what questions to ask AND the answers to look out for. You will be in control of your own health.

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)


"What Will Your Life Be Like Once You're Pain Free?"

Imagine you've used our program, used the simple self assessments to find the muscle and joint imbalances.

You've used the 16 proven pain relief techniques and started removing the imbalances ... spending just a few minutes each day. Two weeks slip by quickly as pain eases and you're feeing happier, fitter and even younger.

Can you imagine all the activities you'd enjoy that you've missed doing because pain just got in the way?

You can actually get out of bed and put on your socks without spending half an hour ... or just slip out of bed without pain suddenly grabbing you. What about being able to get down on the ground and play games with your children?

Just being able to get outside and exercise, getting back in shape. You can even look forward to taking a trip, going on the fun rides or just relax feeling great again. These are achievable goals and you will succeed in just a small amount of time.

If You're Still Not Convinced, Here's What Others Are Saying...

"...The best few quid I have spend in a long long time!"

Hi Graeme

Just to let you know I have been using your quick start tips over the last two weeks and the results have been excellent. I now have no pain most of the time with only minor tinges and pain, a major improvement and this is only week three.

I should probably explain I am a 35 years old, Computer consultant, who tries to surf and mountain bike when possible. I had a fall a few years ago (5) and I reckon I knocked my pelvis out of alignment, and twisted my ankle. I had ankle and lower back/hip pain on one side, I always had pain in my lower back and mid back after standing/ running for a period of time, plus numbness or tingling on the underside of my heal as well as pains down my inside leg.

Many thanks for your help, also on another note my IBS seems to have virtually disappeared as well not sure if this is also a nice side effect of the same.

Anyway in summary, the best few quid I have spend in a long long time.

Thanks again.

John Doyle Whitestown, Ireland


"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift
of being pain free."

Hello Dr. Teague,

I had to write and tell you how much these exercises have helped me.

For years, and I mean YEARS I suffered with back pain that I thought was something I had to live with because I was told my back had deformities in it.

I spent thousands of dollars with the doctor just to get only temporary relief. I never knew I could help manage the pain myself until I read your book.

It was a God send. Now I do the exercises and the pain is gone. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of being pain free.

Gratefully yours, Nancy L.

Nancy C. Lacerda Burlington, North Carolina, USA

Thanks Nancy for such a powerful compliment.

Right now is your chance to free yourself from the hurt and pain you've been suffering.

The Back-Pain Miracle You've Been Searching For

If you're looking for a miracle that magically ZAPS your back pain away overnight… this is not the program for you. I'm sure there's a "doctor" with a 20 page e-book who promises such a miracle.

But when your back starts hurting — from those generic exercises, filled with complicated theory… or that water paste cream you rub on your back — you'll understand why you got short-term relief.

There's only one way that's proven to give long-lasting, permanent back pain relief. And unless you can dedicate 5-10 minutes each day, you'll continue suffering in pain and agony for hours, weeks and months.

If you've decided once and for all to be free of pain, want a new healthy, fun filled life, then you must take action now. You can finally end your pain and be in control of your health and wellbeing.

Yours in health,

Dr Graeme Teague

B.Sc, B.App.Sc(Chiropractic), Cert.Hom

P.S. You're probably hurting from sitting in your chair right now. Maybe you're not. But can you bend down and pick something up off the floor — without feeling any pain? Probably not. That's a problem. So before you leave this site, I have to ask another question.

Did you come here to keep HURTING? Or did you come here to find a solution?

Probably to find a solution. Unfortunately, there's not much else I can do to "convince" you. It's your body suffering in pain… not mine. I can give you the solution, but you have to try it for yourself.

P.P.S. Don't worry about cost. Because if it doesn't relieve your back pain, improve your flexibility and have you feeling young again — just email me and I’ll refund your money back to your credit card immediately! But you must act now if you want to get my personal 1 on 1 help.


Yes, I'm ready to order X-Pain Method

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