What Type of Pain Do You Have?

In all back and neck pain conditions there are different types of pain. Understanding the type of pain helps you understand why your pain occurs and what is causing it.

Below are the common pain symptoms and what they relate to:


Although not really a pain type, inflammation will cause different symptoms. The muscle or joint can become swollen which will cause stiffness, heat and pain. Pain tends to be localized.

Numbness and Tingling

This is the first stage of nerve irritation. Most times it is not true numbness as you can pinch the skin and still feel pain. It is called paraesthesia or altered sensation. This occurs commonly in sciatica or facet joint syndrome, where the nerves have become involved.

Heaviness and Stiffness

This can be a sign of inflammation or poor circulation. Heat will usually help as it stimulates the blood supply to the region and helps get things moving. This occurs more in those chronic back pain situations.

Throbbing Pain

You know the feeling when you hit your thumb with a hammer, it throbs. This is because the blood supply is rushing to the area to help it heal, there is also inflammation. Throbbing pain occurs more when the muscle is in spasm or after direct injuries to the joint from falls. These will usually respond quickly to the ice/heat process.

Sharp Pain

This can be classed as sharp, stabbing or knife-like pains. This is where people are commonly told you have a "pinched nerve", when in fact it is localized spasms of the smaller muscles around the joint.

Deep, Toothache Pain

This is usually pain that is referred. As the nerve becomes under greater pressure, the pins/needles/tingling disappear and is followed by pain that feels deep and like toothache. Although a sign of increased severity, still easily removed once you remove the spinal imbalances and release pressure from the nerve.

Dull, Lingering Pain

More the pain of chronic situations. Where the area is out of balance and you have multiple issues, all minor but present for a period of time. You have low grade inflammation, muscle and joint imbalances and together they cause this lingering type pain.

True Numbness

This is the final stage of nerve pressure where the supply to the skin and muscles has stopped. If you can pinch your skin and feel no pain then you need to seek help. The next step from here is the loss of bladder and bowel control - a surgical problem. If this numbness occurs seek help as you can stop the progression.

What is the best approach to deal with pain?

Pain is a signal from your body that the imbalances are severe enough to warrant attention. Pain is the last thing to arrive and the first thing to leave. No different to a fire alarm.

The fire alarm is triggered after the fires starts. Pain is the same, you get the tension on your muscles and joints which develops into spinal imbalances. These imbalances increase with time and then muscles form trigger points, spasms and the joint swill slow in motion and become inflamed. Then pain arrives.

To remove pain you must first identify which spinal imbalances you have and then perform the correct techniques to remove tem. Otherwise you will only ever achieve temporary results.


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