A Quick Upper Back Pain Exercise To Stop Pain Now

Upper back pain exercise is designed to help you to remove your pain, yet for most pain never eases. The statistics point out that the majority of people, actually 75% of people, will end up in worse pain or make no change at all. This is after an entire year of trying to remove pain.

Read on to find out one of the best exercises to use now, and what you need to do to make sure you remove both the symptoms and the cause...

There is one word of WARNING!

One of the main reasons why people fail to relieve pain is that they believe that their upper back is the only area of concern.

Your spine works as an entire system. When you walk your arms and legs move. The same with your spine, your lower back can cause upper back pain, and your upper back can cause lower back pain.

To get long lasting relief you must assess and check your entire spine to find the spinal imbalances that are causing your pain. You must use these same diagnostic tests to monitor your progress, so you only stop using upper back pain exercise when ALL the causes have gone, not just your pain.

But first...


Which Is The Best Upper Back Pain Exercise

imbalances in the upper backThe best exercise is one that works, it is as simple as that.

The problem is, the one that is best for you is not necessarily best for someone else. This is why you must find the specific spinal imbalance you have that is causing your upper back pain.

Once you now which imbalance you have you then know the muscles and joints you need to target to get relief from pain.

This is why detecting imbalances is the only ESSENTIAL skill you must learn. You can use this skill to work out the process you must follow to ease your pain, but the same skill can be used to monitor your progress and used again to make sure you stay in balance.

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However, upper back pain exercises tend to fail to relieve pain for one reason...

Most people use only techniques to correct muscle issues. They stretch or strengthen muscles, but very few target the joints. Unless you correct both the muscle and joint imbalances you will likely only remove part of the cause ... and pain will return or fail to disappear anyway.

So the best exercises use a combination of techniques to remove pain caused by all the underlying causes.

There is never one exercise that works for everyone; you have a unique set of causes that need addressing.

The person next to you, who has upper back pain, have their own unique set of causes. This is why it is best to learn a variety of techniques to make sure you get quick, yet lasting upper back pain relief.

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However, there is a technique that most will benefit from.


A Simple Upper Back Pain Exercise to Use Now

The reason why it works is that for most people upper back pain has been present for some time. Even though the underlying causes of your pain are both muscle and joint related, a common cause of your actual pain is trigger points.

upper back pain exercise using trigger pointsTrigger points are localized spasms of muscle fibers. The most common that cause upper back are in the muscles of actual upper back - namely your Upper Trapezius, Levator scapulae and Rhomboid muscles.

Trigger points are simple to release, you can use pressure from your thumbs, but it is a hard area to reach. You can ask your partner to help, but the easiest way is to use a tennis ball.

Simply place a tennis ball in the area, move the ball around until you feel a more intensely painful spot.

Commonly trigger points will refer pain if they are active, so you may hit the spot and feel pain radiate up your neck or out to your shoulder.

Simply rest your body weight on the tennis ball as much as you can tolerate: please note - you dont want to cause excessive pain. To break the trigger point down, you just need about 20-30 seconds of sustained pressure.

Then after move the tennis ball around until you find all the spots in the area.

Follow this with a gentle stretch to the area and pain can ease quickly.

This is only temporary relief and only removes some minor trigger points. To make sure pain remains free from the area you need to correct the spinal imbalances, the only way to get long term upper back pain relief.

Below is a video demonstrating the trigger point technique... please note the video demonstrates the technique for lower back pain, but the same applies for the upper back (you can do this lying on the ground or leaning against a wall)...



This is a simple technique that for most will ease pain quickly, however...


Upper Back Pain Exercises To Correct Imbalances

As I said above, if you want lasting relief from pain, you need to address both the muscle and joint imbalances.

corecting imbalances for uppper back pain reliefIf not pain relief is temporary at best.

To correct imbalances, the first step is finding the imbalance; once you know which imbalance you have the next step is removing pain. Why?

Your body heals faster when free of pain. So removing pain by eliminating trigger points, using acupressure or many other techniques will help you remove the underlying imbalances quicker ... and permanently.

Correcting the imbalances though is the only way to make sure you remove ALL the causes of your pain.

This is achieved by following a simple step-by-step program that balances your spine from the pelvis up. Your entire spine works together, so to remove upper back pain you must make sure your lower back is in balance too.

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