A Simple Upper Back Pain Relief Stretch To Ease Pain

Although upper back pain is less common than other forms of back pain, upper back pain relief is still important. And if you suffer it is basically essential to be able to live life with enjoyment once more.

To understand how to relieve your pain you need to know why it occurs, the techniques you can use now and most importantly how to prevent your pain from returning.

Read on to discover more on your pain, how to relieve it and a video demonstrating a simple stretch you can use now to ease some of your pain.

But first ...


Why Is Upper Back Pain Increasing

Upper back pain for many years was classed as an area that occurred only in students. Why?

hunched over desk causing upper back painStudents sat their desks for many hours, stooped over their books and with time the upper back became tender and sore. Most adults had professions where they were moving about all day...

They had to walk to the filing cabinet, or go to another room to talk to a work mate, or twist around to access a file from a drawer behind them.

But life has changed...

We now sit in front of a computer screen for 8 hours (or more) with everything at our fingertips...

We email work mates, click a folder on the screen for a file, sit in our chairs hunched over the keyboard ... causing our upper back to tighten and develop pain.

Add in the effects of stress and you can understand why upper back pain is increasing in society.

But your posture, the daily stresses and the many other daily activities are not the cause of upper back pain.

The causes relate to imbalances in your spine, which twist and distort the area. These imbalances cause your muscles and joints to tire more quickly with time. Therefore the hours at your work are not tolerated and pain develops...

But the activity doesn't cause your pain, if it did everyone in your workplace would have the same pain as you do ... most of them don't because they are free from imbalances or the imbalances are minor and not causing pain.

But if your spine is out of balance, if you spend hours in poor postures, or lifting objects heavier than you should, or stresses surrounding you ... then upper back pain will develop now or at some stage.


What is The Solution?

correct imbalance for upper back pain reliefTo correct the problem and give you lasting upper back pain relief, you need to detect which imbalances you have. These imbalances are at a muscular and joint level and need assessing if you are to work out what to target to get relief.

Detecting imbalances is the first and only VITAL step in upper back pain relief, in fact in ALL back pain relief!

This is why we teach you this skill free of charge here at the Back Pain Advisor. Simply click the link below to learn how to detect your imbalances...

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Once you know which imbalance you have (there are four main imbalances) then you know which areas in your spine to target.

One of the most common mistakes made in all back pain relief, whether it is upper back pain relief or even lower back pain relief, is that too many people only look at the site of pain.

Your spine works as an entire system. Think of how you move ...

Your left leg moves at the same time as your right arm. The same with your spine ... your lower back and upper back are working together.

So if you have upper back pain it may also be coming from your lower back.

This is why it is essential to look at the entire spine for imbalances, so that you can make sure you remove all the causes of your upper back pain.


The Biggest Upper Back Pain Relief Mistake

The BIGGEST mistake people make, and not just with upper back pain, is that you rely on pain as being the only signal. This means as pain disappears you stop using the various upper back pain exercises, techniques or back pain program you have chosen.

pain is just a signal for upper back painIt won't take long before you are having pain yet again. Why?

Pain is a signal that says your structural system is out of balance. It doesn't say where, or how much or even for how long. It only tells you that the imbalances are now severe enough and a pain signal is unleashed.

If all you do is wait until pain goes, then you make the BIGGEST mistake. You must keep using techniques until ALL the causes have gone, not just pain.

This is why detecting imbalances is vital. You can use the same detecting method to monitor your progress. So that as pain eases, you can make sure your spine is in balance ... If not, keep applying the techniques until you are in balance and pain free.

You can also use these detection methods long term to monitor your balance so you can improve your spine well before pain ever develops. Prevention is easier than cure ... as the saying goes.

But there is also a very simple stretch you can use for upper back pain relief. In fact it is one of the stretches I recommend everyone do, as it covers the entire spine.



A Simple Stretch for Upper Back Pain Relief

Although this is a hard area to stretch, there are other ways to ease tension from your upper back. The technique below works well to ease your pain, however it is only temporary relief.

To get long lasting relief you must remove all the causes, not just pain.

Upper back pain relief is a process of finding the imbalance ... removing pain ... eliminating the causes.

Follow these three steps and you will live pain free. But the stretch below will help now, however if you find this hard to perform or it gives you little upper back pain relief, then you may need to look at other simple ways to ease pain. Simply click the link below to ...

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But the stretch to use is simple.

upper back stretchesAll you do is stand with arms out stretched (if your upper back is very tender you can keep your arms by your sides as in the video blow), have your feet shoulder width apart and then turn your body as far as you can in one direction.

Only turn as far as is comfortable, so don't cause pain. Once at the end of the direction simply turn back in the opposite direction, again until you feel pulling in the muscles or joints, and not pain.

Any stretch, or in fact any techniques for upper back pain relief shouldn't cause pain. You are trying to ease pain, not make more pain.

So with this stretch it should be only to an area of pulling sensation and not pain.

The video below demonstrates the stretch to use...



It's a simple stretch that anyone with upper back pain or any type of pain can use. Use it often during the day, but remember this is only for temporary upper back pain relief.

To get lasting relief you need to make sure you follow those three steps, then and only then will you get lasting relief.

As I said above, upper back pain is increasing as we spend more time at our desks, under bigger and bigger stresses, and as our spines become more and more out of balance.

If you'd like to learn how to detect your imbalances, learn about the only COMPLETE back pain program that gives you techniques for upper back pain relief to sciatica relief, then simply click the link below...


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