Can Drinking Water Cure Back Pain?

You may know that your body is mainly water. In fact your body is 75% water - bone is 22% water, blood 83%, your brain is 74% and muscles 75%. Water helps your body function and if you are depleted ... normal function will fail.

From a back pain viewpoint, water is essential ...

Your brain and nervous system is 74% water. The firing of nerves to tell your muscles to work relies on good hydration. If hydration levels fall, the nerve firing changes, signals are interrupted and muscles will function poorly.

The muscle will therefore tire and tighten and lead to back pain.

Is dehydration just a back problem?

Dehydration is systemic, which means that it is not just nerves that will create issues. As muscles dehydrate they will also slow in function and combined with the lowered nerve supply pain is created quickly.

Your structural system relies on good water supply - discs need water, joints are bathed in water, muscles are 75% water and nerves rely in water to function.

Hydration is essential for all back and neck pain conditions. Once your water levels drop you will develop ... 'sticky' joints ... slowed movement ... tight muscles ... and general aches and pains. Water is essential for good structural health!

Here's just some of the many symptoms that occur with dehydration:

  • excessive thirst

  • fatigue

  • Headaches and dizziness

  • Muscle weakness

  • Aches and pains

  • Digestive upsets

Why should you drink water?

There is so much controversy over water intake, one study suggested you need 3 liters of water each day ... at the same time another study said 4 glasses was ample.

The best way to view water intake is the simplest. You need to replenish what you use, the more you use the more you need. On hot days or days of exercise you will need more.

Your body loses water every day from normal body function, including just breathing. Some of the approximate volumes of loss that occur each day are:

  • 350 ml from breathing

  • 350 ml from your skin (yes even your skin breathes - this doesn't include sweat)

  • 1400 ml from urination

  • 200 ml form bowel movements

  • 100-5000 ml from sweating with activity

As you can see you lose water everyday and need to replace what you have lost. One of the easier ways to work out a good water intake is using a water formula based on your weight.

Because your body weight and numerous other factors influence your intake, this formula is a good guide.

How much water should you drink?

Measure your weight in pounds - divide by 2 - this is the amount of fluid ounces you need to drink. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you need 100 fluid ounces of water = 12 glasses of water (a standard glass is 8 ounces or 250 ml). If you exercise then you will need to drink more...

Won't that volume of water have you running to the toilet?

The mere thought of drinking that volume of water has most of you running to the toilet. If you are not accustomed to drinking that volume you will end up spending every second minute of the day urinating.

In fact you don't need this much water. Everything you eat or drink contains water. So you replenish your water by eating and drinking each day as you have done already.

There is a school of thought that you still need the extra volume anyway ... that food and beverages don't count toward that daily intake. However this is NOT based on any scientific evidence.

Pure water is still the best source of water ... but your body still absorbs water from food and all beverages (in fact - you will soon see pure water is not necessarily best).

What about fruit and vegetables?

Fruit and vegetables are almost 100% water, meat is 75% water (remember muscles are 75% water), and juices and soft drinks are still almost totally water. Even the dreaded caffeinated drinks are still mainly water - sure they do act as a diuretic, but a cup or two a day is perfectly fine (as long as your water intake each day replenishes what you need).

By having a balanced diet, drinking juices and coffee, also adding in extra glasses of water you will hydrate your body. If you add in 4-6 glasses each day you will see a difference. Drink more on those days when you exercise and you will maintain a good hydration level.

Acidity levels are as important as your water levels, and drinking too much water can cause your body to become more acidic, something that is detrimental to your health. Your blood pH levels and water intake are vital parts of back pain relief.

Warning: Water May Kill You

You can drink too much water; it will leach your body of precious vitamins and minerals. Drinking pure water in excessive volumes can potentially be harmful. Cellular hydration is the KEY. You need water to get to the cellular level for it to create benefits. The two key factors that affect cellular hydration are:

  • Salt

  • Water Absorption

Salt is essential for your body, too much may cause heart disease ... too little and your adrenal glands, thyroid, muscular system and many others will struggle.

Drinking excessive amounts of water will alter the salt balances in you body quickly. This is one of the main reasons why drinking juices and eating food also replenish your water - they add water and also add in vital minerals and vitamins.

You need ¼ - ½ teaspoons of salt each day for your body to work well - depending on your water intake. In fact this is based on the amount you need to add for every liter of water you drink.

If you increase your fluid intake you also need to increase your salt intake, or you will end up with more problems rather than less.

What is the best way to absorb water?

Water absorption is also one of the keys to hydration. If you drink water but do not absorb it, the water will flush straight through your body.

You will acclimatize to increased volumes of water, but you need the cellular hydration to gain the health benefits. The simplest and best way to drink water to achieve cellular hydration is to add some apple juice.

All you need to do have a quarter of the glass with apple juice and the remainder water. You will find it easier to drink and your body absorbs the water better. Adding apple juice to water tricks your body into believing water is a food and also aids the absorption process. Apple juice also has beneficial properties also for health, but is does cause blood pH changes, so adding in vital minerals is essential for good health.

Your Blood pH Can Be Causing You Pain!

Leading research has shown that if your body is more acidic, pain is likely to occur ... and not just pain!

Balancing your pH can help with heart problems ... joint pain ... high blood pressure... uncontrollable cholesterol... sexual problems... blood sugar problems... fatigue and sleep problems... and much more...

Click here to discover how to balance your pH now...

Here are some options you may want to try:

Self Treat Trigger Points

Spinal Balancing

Inversion Therapy

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